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8 New and Fresh Free Android Apps – Jan 2020

Not just a new year but a new decade is here. And on this occasion of starting of a new decade, your handset deserves something refreshing. Yes, this has put us into work to curate list of new and fresh free android apps to start your 2020.

The list includes an AI-enabled math solving app from Microsoft to a funny DeepFake GIFs-creating app. So, let’s get started.

8 New and Fresh Free Android Apps – January 2020

Microsoft Math Solver

As the name suggests, Microsoft Math Solver is a math-solving app. But wait, it’s more than just that. This app from Microsoft is more powerful and capable than most of the math-solving apps out there.

Unlike other apps, on Microsoft Math Solver app, you can either type the problem using advanced scientific math calculator, or draw other than the usual scanning the problem or importing images. Besides, the app doesn’t just display the solution but shows all the step-by-step procedures involved in the solving.

The other features include, instantly graph any equation to visualize the function and understand the relationship between the variables, and best of all, supports Spanish, Hindi, and German languages.

Microsoft Math Solver is available for both Android and iOS.

Download Microsoft Math Solver

Yesterday’s Weather

Yesterday's Weather - Free Android Apps Jan 2020

Is today hotter than yesterday? Was yesterday cooler than today? Well, how fun would it be to get a weather update in a friendly sentence and comparative to the day already lived, yesterday?

Welcome, Yesterday’s Weather, the app which does what we discussed above. This app display today’s weather in a friendly sentence in comparison to yesterday’s weather. The app is available as a web app, and for Android, iOS too.

Download Yesterday’s Weather


AI and Machine Learning are taking over. There are more realistic deep fakes than ever, there are both downsides and advantages to this. Unless you harm anyone, the tech can be really fun to use.

Jiggy is a fun app with DeepFake as an underlying tech. The app can create a photorealistic body deepfake video / GIFs of people dancing hilariously in 100 different funny dance styles.

Download Jiggy


WiFi AR is an amazing tool to view the strength of WiFi in the AR environment. Simply put, the app shows the Wi-Fi signal level, link speed. However, to get this app to operate, your device has to have support for Google ARCore. If you are unsure, you can if your device supports the app.

Download WiFi AR


Resso, music streaming app by TikTok

Resso is a new music streaming app and might look everything regular except it’s not. Because the creators of the app make the difference, in this case, it’s TikTok owner, Bytedance.

Resso is currently is in beta version and available in India and Indonesia region only. However, just after a few days of launch, the music streaming app has already over 100,000+ downloads on Play Store. The app comes in both free (with ads) and subscription-based plans.

Download Resso


Chairless - Free Android Apps Jan 2020

Sitting or standing for a long time is bad for posture and health. Keeping that in mind, Chairless app has been built. The app is a smart sitting-time tracker, sends you notifications to break from excessive sitting or standing. To operate this app, you need to start the app and keep the phone in the front pocket and perform tasks as usual.

The app is less power hungry and you can view 24hr sitting chart stats. Besides, the app also has a ‘phone on the table detector’ function too.

Download Chairless


Hourglass - Free Android Apps Jan 2020.jpg

Hourglass is another timer/reminder app on our list. Because it deserves to. The app is simple, follows no-frills, minimal design and reminds you of upcoming events with a beautiful countdown timer.

The app supports dark mode too.

Download Hourglass


YouTube, undoubtedly, is the most visited platform on the web and which means, the more you visit, the more you subscribe to lots of channels. And browsing through your favorite channels might seem difficult sometimes. Meet, PocketTube.

PocketTube is an android app and also available as a browser extension and iOS app that allows creating groups of YouTube channels. You can also assign a custom icon for collections and auto-sync with the browser extension.

Download PocketTube

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