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Top 7 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – December 2019

Top 7 Unique and Best Free Android Apps – December 2019

We are only a month away from the end of the decade (unless you are pinned with Jan 01, 2021, as a start of the decade), so we need to freshen things up. Since your companion in your pocket is the most daily-used thing, how about we start with it?

Keeping that in mind, for the month of December, we’ve curated the top 7 free Android apps that will help you improve your productivity, save time and of course, refresh your mood. Let’s dive right into it.

Top 7 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – December 2019

1. Google Recorder

Google Recorder - Best Free Android Apps December 2019

Voice recorder has always been there sitting on your smartphone. But it had the same function — record and play — since day one and hadn’t evolved much until now.

Google, during the Pixel 4 launch event, showed a new kind of voice recorder that automatically transcribes in real-time and converts into searchable and editable texts. There might be some other recorder that is capable of transcribing in real-time but none of them does as Google does — transcribing offline.

The bad news is, Google Recorder is exclusively available for the Pixel 4 series only on Play Store. However, you can download apk and install on your phone and enjoy the feature.

Download Google Recorder

2. Transno

Transno - Best Free Android Apps December 2019

Play Store isn’t short of note-taking apps but what it lacks is a better note-taking app that doubles as a mind map.

Meet Transno. Transno is an outline-based mind management tool that combines outlines, notes, and mind maps. You can take notes and create a mind map in a single tap. The app supports cloud storage & multi-end synchronization, also allows sharing documents across all formats.

Transno is currently in beta phase and completely free to download and use.

Download Transno

3. Repeat Button for YouTubeRepeat Button for YouTube

In 2018, one survey found YouTube accounted for 47% of global music streaming worldwide. And though such a huge number of users prefer to listen to music on YouTube, the platform still misses a repeat/loop feature.

Well, a third-party app has a solution to that. The app has a straightforward name, Repeat Button for YouTube and does exactly it says.

The app has a floating widget that enables automatically repeating (looping) videos in the YouTube app (and YouTube Go). To enable the feature, you will have grant access from Accessibility settings.

4. Poop Map

Poop Map - Best Free Android Apps December 2019

Poop Map is a fun app to log all the places you’ve been and pooped. Just like the animals, poop and pin your location on the app and mark your territory.

The app is light and easy to use. Besides, you can privately your poop locations with your friends and family and get notified when your friend drop deuces or you get a follower. Yeah, not the feature we need, but here it is anyway.

You can also check and compare your poop frequency with other poopers around the world and get to the top of the leaderboard.

Download Poop Map

5. TED-Lish

TED-Lish - Google Recorder - Best Free Android Apps December 2019

TED videos are educational but for non-English speakers grasping the information is difficult. And which is why, an English learner, himself developed this app called TED-Lish where the videos play with two subtitles, one in English and other in the selected language.

This app does help to learn English easy with TED videos.

6. - Google Recorder - Best Free Android Apps December 2019

If you are an avid reader and love to explore fresh reads, specially made for you. curates high-quality novels and short stories for you before they are published.

The app is completely free for readers and for the writers, however, analytics such as your saves, opens, and drop-offs are forwarded to writers as feedback. Basically, this is a win-win for writers and readers, as readers get fresh reads every day and the writers receive valuable feedback to help them improve.

As of now, the app has over 4,000 stories and novels so far and includes fictional content only.


7. Sorted AI

Sorted AI - Best Free Android Apps December 2019

If we share the same habit of storing all documents and capture a ton of screenshots every day on phone, we have a problem; phone cluttered with full of documents.

But this doesn’t have to a problem anymore with the introduction of a new app — Sorted AI. The app is smart documents and screenshot manager. The app automatically pulls the documents and screenshots saved on your device as PDF or images and extract the information from the documents and sort them under categories such as Personal, Education, Medical, Appliances, Social Media, Payments, Memes, etc.

Besides, the app also automatically set reminders for warranty expiry, insurance expiry, renewal dates, payment dates.

Download Sorted AI

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If you think we have missed any unique and free apps to mention, let us in the comments below!

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