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Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – July 2019

Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps July 2019

Change is good, and the change in “app drawer” is even better. Yep, this is what we, app hunters, believe here at Prabidhi Info. We love to use and experience what the devs have to offer for our phones and so we keep rotating the apps. We know for sure, we are not the only ones.

And that’s the reason, we, every month go through the tons of the apps on play store to compile and serve the newest and best free android apps to app hunters like us. This month we have shared a diverse list from the retro-wallpaper personalization app to powerful video-editing app. Most of the apps we list are launched recently or within the last 10-20 days.

Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps July 2019

Retrowave Wallpapers – Live Wallpapers, GIF & Radio

RetroWave Wallpapers - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – July 2019

Fan of retrowave? Well, Retrowave Wallpaper is here just for you. Probably, one of the best wallpaper-personalization app there in the Play Store for this 80’s retro genre.

The app has everything you would want in as a retrowave fan, from retrowave wallpapers, GIFs to 24/7 online retrowave radio. The wallpapers can be set to “normal” or with a “parallax effect”. Moreover, it also has a collection of live motion wallpapers to choose from, or you can set your any custom GIF as a wallpaper from the app.

For retrowave fans like me, this app is a treat!

Download Retrowave Wallpapers

Enlight Pixaloop


Still photos are so yesterday. The animation is all over the internet, claiming the throne to the future of photos. And you can be in the front line too, use Enlight Pixaloop.

The app literally brings boring images to life with its easy-to-use animation effects. And even if operating the app seems hard, it has an in-app tutorial to guide you through. The final output is in video format but loops forever like a GIF. Creates great engaging content for Instagram.

Download Enlight Pixaloop

Secret Signs

Secret Signs - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – July 2019

How good are you at understanding the abstract things? Because this game, Secret Signs, will give you a pretty nice challenge for sure.

To play the game is to solve a riddle, but to solve a riddle you need to figure out what the riddle is about. The game has no set of instructions on how to solve a riddle. That’s the job for you, to poke it, move it or look at it from all the possible angle and solve it.

Honestly, Secret Signs tops my favorite minimalistic game chart for this month.

In collaboration with Secret Signs’ team, we are giving away 10 promo codes (five for Android and five for iOS users) to unlock all the premium levels. You can join the giveaway here.

Download Secret Signs


Is your cat scratching and trying to steal your attention every time you play games or watch videos on your phone? That must hurt your gaming and videos watching experience, right? And believe me, I know your pain.

But, Houston, we have got a solution. FacePause.

FacePause is an app that will automatically pause anything playing when you aren’t looking at your phone’s screen. Be it the game you are playing or the videos you are watching. So, Cat-0, Human-1. Yay!

You need to give the app access to the “Draw Over Apps” permission and open the app you want via the app-launcher. However, you can also set a custom face detection frequency.

Download FacePause


Whether - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – July 2019

Numbers are tricky and complicated. And when it comes to understanding the numbers in the weather app, it’s even trickier. But not anymore.

Whether° app displays the forecast with some context. Did you bring an umbrella or a sweater along with you? Well, the app will tell whether you’ll need to use that or not. The app will also compare today’s forecast with yesterday’s and tomorrow’s conditions. So which means, Whether° app is a fun app to track the weather.

Get a break from your boring weather app.

Download Whether°


Cupcake - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – July 2019

Forget a friend’s birthday? Well, not anymore. Cupcake is a simple app just to help you keep track of birthdays that matter to you.

The app is free of ads and respects complete user privacy. Meaning, it does not sell users’ data and which is why this app might be a perfect alternative to Facebook’s birthday reminder feature.

Download Cupcake

NoFilter – Photo Spots

NoFilter - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – July 2019

If you are a frequent traveler and love taking photos, NoFilter is an app that shows you the best spots to take photo around the world. With the app, you won’t miss to feel and capture the beauty of nature next time you visit any location.

Besides, the app can also keep a log of your travels by marking the spots you’ve visited.

Download NoFilter


Ling Learn Language - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – July 2019

Unlike other language-learning apps, Ling focuses on a little different to teach languages. The app has chatbots to converse with you in the desired language, lessons from native speakers, games to learn write and pronounce, and much more other activities.

Currently, Ling supports learning in 50+ languages and available for both iOS and Android.

Download Ling

Firefox Reality Browser

via Gfycat

As the virtual reality becomes a more and more regular way to explore digital contents on the internet, Mozilla has introduced its installment, Firefox Reality Browser. The app offers a seamless experience to view 2D contents in a 3D immersive environment.

Adobe Premiere Rush – Video Editor

Adobe Premiere Rush - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – July 2019

Adobe Premiere needs no introduction. The name itself is an introduction for a video-editing tools category. However, Adobe released a mobile app version of this renowned tool; Adobe Premiere Rush.

The app shares the same DNA from Adobe Premiere PC-version, and which means it can perform pro-quality video shooting, editing, and sharing. It even has audio tools powered by in-house Adobe Sensei AI to help you create great sound.

However, the app currently supports the following phones running Android 9.0 or later:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+, S9/S9+, Note9, S8/S8+, Note8, S10e
  • Google Pixel 3/3 XL, 2/2 XL
  • OnePlus 6, 6T

Download Adobe Premiere Rush

Did we miss any other unique apps? If yes, please let us know below in the comments and also, please do share your opinion on if the apps list is helpful.

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