Like the freshness that April month brings with it, we’ve also come up with a fresh and curated list of top and unique Android apps for this month.

So, delete some old apps and ready some space on your android phones because you want to install ‘em all!

Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps April 2019

1The History of Everything

Inspired by the Kurzgesagt video, Time: The History & Future of Everything, the app beautifully illustrates the animated form of the events dated back from the Big Bang to the modern day in a vertical timeline.
The app is open-sourced.

Download The History of Everything Now from Google App Store

2UnApp — Easy Uninstall Multiple Apps

Unapp is like unclogger for your phone. You can select multiple apps and uninstall them at one click. No more hassles of tapping “uninstall” for every app you want to uninstall.
The app doesn’t require root access. However, you can’t uninstall the system apps.

Download UnApp Now from Google App Store

3OneUI Icon Pack

Ditching the TouchWiz, Samsung has leveled up their whole OS personalization with OneUI. And this OneUI icon pack is a perfect package of icons inspired by OneUI.
All the top launchers support OneUI icon pack, except the stock launchers.

Download OneUI Icon Pack Now from Google App Store. is a privacy-first DNS resolver app, masks the connection between you and the internet. The app is a product by Cloudfare that claims the app can make the connection 28% faster. has easy, simple interface to use.

Download Now from Google App Store

5Spark for Android

Spark recently launched their best email client for Android. The app has amazing features like no ads, no tracking, create secure links to specific emails or conversations and share them on Slack, Skype, or any other platform that your team works on!

Download Spark for Android Now from Google App Store

6Microsoft Launcher

With 10M+ downloads, Microsoft launcher could be your next daily launcher if you are deep into Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft Launcher is wholly synced with your PC; calendar, contacts, to-do lists, Cortana, reminder, sticky note, and docs.
You can even connect and open photos and web pages on your Windows PC, across all the devices.

Download Microsoft Launcher Now from Google App Store app for Android is full-fledged Bitly desktop’s version. You can copy, customize, and share the shortened links from your phones. The analytics for the shortened links can be viewed from within the app. was a strong competitor to Google URL shortener. But as the shut down recently, has emerged as the dominant URL shortener.

Download Now from Google App Store

8Remote Fingerprint

Remote Fingerprint is an app that unlocks your windows PC directly with the fingerprint on your smartphone.

To use this feature, the user needs to install the respective app on your PC and have to have connected to the same network!

Download Remote Fingerprint Now from Google App Store

Download Remote Fingerprint Now for PC

9Empty Folder Cleaner

Simple yet powerful, Empty Folder Cleaner app cleans the empty folders on your phones in a single click. Without root enabled, the app can delete empty folders from internal storage, but it requires root access to delete empty folders from external storage!

Download Empty Folder Cleaner Now from Google App Store