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Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – February 2019

Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – February 2019

Just to ease your journey to explore the top and best free Android apps, we, here at Prabidhi Info, regularly scrape the playstore to come up with brand new apps list. And so, we have compiled the latest list for February 2019.

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Brave Browser

Built on the top of the blockchain, Brave browser is one of the best browsers as of now. In fact, Brave is everything like Chrome, but better and faster. Brave browser has built-in ad-blocker and tracker-blocker with optimized data and battery experience. And the best thing about the Brave browser is, you get paid to browse every 30 days! Yeah, totally!

Brave browser is also available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS.


 Download Brave Browser 

Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is a digital security manager app. The free version allows you to store up to 50 passwords and sync with a single device. However, with the premium plans, you can sync the data to multiple devices.

Dashlane is the solution to your password-forgetting problems. Because with Dashlane, you never have to remember passwords, Dashlane will do it for you. It can fill up the passwords automatically on mobile browsers, apps, and forms!

Dashlane Password manager TOP 10 UNIQUE & BEST ANDROID APPS - APRIL 2019 LIST

You can read a complete Dashlane review to explore more about Dashlane.

Download Dashlane Password Manager 

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Cellphone addition, these days, has become one of the major issues and given that Google had launched Digital Wellbeing. However, Google decided to make Digital Wellbeing available to the Google Pixel and Android One lines of phones only. Therefore, developers of the renowned launcher, Action Launcher, brought an alternative to Digital Wellbeing, ActionDash.
ActionDash gives users deep phone usage insights and statistics.

Action Dash - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – February 2019

Download ActionDash

Clip Cloud

Microsoft Clipboard is working on syncing its clipboard feature across the devices like Windows PC, Android phones, and iOS devices with its native Windows Clipboard and Swiftkey Keyboard. However, they are still in beta. So, Clip Cloud has stepped in to fill up the gap here.

To sync the clipboard between your smartphone and PC, you need to download the Clip Cloud app on your phone and Clip Cloud Chrome browser extension on your PC. After you install, you need not stress, just sign in with same Google ID on phone and Chrome and copy, paste as usual. Copy the text on your phone and Ctrl+V on your PC, or vice-versa!

The perk to using it is they do not keep a copy of the clipboard history and the messages are sent encrypted.

Clip Cloud - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – February 2019

Download Clip Cloud for Android 

Download Clip Cloud for Chrome


Right now, crypto and the blockchain are the hot topics on the internet, however, finding the authentic news and updates on those topics is quite difficult. And this is where Berminal hops in. Berminal is an app that serves the crypto news from the legit sources around the globe, hand-picked their in-house editors. To the plus side, Berminal does reward it’s users while using the app.Berminal - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – February 2019

You can read a complete Berminal review here.

Download Berminal

Skip Ads

Ads are annoying and we all agree that one thing. There are tons of adblockers and whatnots for the PC browser, but there are none for the YouTube mobile app. But don’t you worry, ‘cause Skip Ads got you covered now! After installing Skip Ads, it requires accessibility permission to work. Besides blocking the ads on YouTube automatically, Skip Ads will show the number of times you have opened YouTube and the time you have spent watching videos!

Skip Ads - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – February 2019

Download Skip Ads 

Paletta – Smart color splash

Color splashing gives a unique and artistic feeling to any photos if done correctly. But that takes a lot of effort, zooming in and out, dragging your finger continuously on your phone is hard as hell unless you have Paletta.

Paletta is a free app, like all of the app mentioned here, where the AI takes care of the color-splashing job. AI understands the color present in the photo, generates a smart color palette, and all you need to do is choose the color from the palette and give a beautiful color-splashing effect.

Paletta - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – February 2019

Download Paletta

DU Recorder 

Are you using a paid recording app on your Android and still have to purchase in-app items regularly? If that’s that, uninstall that right now ‘cause there is DU Recorder in the app-town! DU Recorder, developed by DO Global, is the best recording app out there. There no such thing it can’t do that an expensive paid screen recorder app does! In fact, it does more, for free, with no ads and no in-app items.
DU Recorder does screen recording, live streaming, video editing, and screenshots and image editing. The app can create an output video result in 1080p, 12 Mbps, 60 FPS and supports more than 20 languages!

DU Recorder - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – February 2019

Download DU Recorder


If you are smartphone-nerd, there is no great feeling like getting paid apps for free. AppSales provides and lists the promotions where the paid apps are given away 100% off, completely free. However, they do list the huge discounted apps too.

App Sales - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – February 2019

Download AppSales


Canva has already made a name in creating professional-like stunning graphics with little or no skill in graphic designing. And so, Canva has its own native app for Android too. Canva app can be used to make graphics for social media post, cover art, profile picture, blog banners animations and more.

Canva - Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – February 2019

Download Canva

Did we miss any other unique apps? If yes, please let us know below in the comments and also, please do share your opinion on if the apps list is helpful.

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