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Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019

Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free APPS May 2019

Like every month, we have again compiled and come up with the best and unique free android apps for this month May.

This month we have apps list from diverse categories like health and fitness, travel, security, personalization, games, and productivity.

Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019

Let Me Sleep – Fingerprint Timer 

Let me Sleep Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019

Bio-metric sensors like fingerprint do bring the highest level of security on your phone. However, it may not always be the same case when your ever-suspecting partners, naughty siblings or friends are around when you are asleep!

All your data and privacy might be at risk as they can unlock your phone using your fingerprint. But not anymore!

Let Me Sleep – Fingerprint Timer is a free android app that solves this. The app allows you to set a time interval during which your fingerprint unlock is disabled.

The app requires administrator permissions to operate.

Download Let Me Sleep – Fingerprint Timer from Google Playstore now.


Map for GoT

Map for Game of Thrones Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019

As the Game of Thrones (GoT) is almost at the end with its final season, S08, the hype is higher than ever before! However, it might be tough to keep up with all those characters, stories, locations and episodes.

And to that, the app called “Map for GoT” should come handy.

The app has everything covered you want to know about the “Game of Thrones” universe. The episodes recap, book recap, characters information, the locations, and the character dying in the respective episode/chapter is available for free on the app.

Download Map for GoT from Google Playstore now.


Code for Android

Coda for Android Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019

If you are already done with the same old boring docs’ interface, there’s a new app to rescue you; Coda for Android.

Coda for Android is an app to create a new type of powerful doc, and the doc can be of any kind like reminders, expenses, sheets, calendars, and more.

Download Coda for Android from Google Playstore now.



Birdfie Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019

Birdfie is a fun app to capture your “bird” moments. The app can auto-detect the birds in the focus and auto-capture the bird’s photos. Also, the app will auto-add the blur effect (bokeh effect) keep the bird in focus and everything else in the background blurred!

All you need to do is set the phone’s position to focus on the bird feeder, treetop, and nest or anywhere the birds seem to dwell.

Download Birdfie from Google Playstore now.



Loresome Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019

There is no shortage of self-improvement and productivity app. However, Loresome is a new app that does better.

You get to play a hero and set a TO-DO list. And whenever you accomplish the task, your hero character receives gold, buffs and other rewards to survive and battle in the world of Loresome.

Download Loresome from Google Playstore now.


Friend Theory

Friend Theory Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019

As much as traveling is fun, finding trustworthy buddies around is always hard. Well, not anymore! Friend Theory lets you connect and find friends of your friends while you are traveling. So, you never have to stress for your stay when you are on the move!

Download Friend Theory from Google Playstore now.


Pi Ultimate               

Pi Ultimate Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019

Pi Ultimate is a fun game app, allows to memorize the infinite digits of pi on-the-go. You will get to enter the learned pi digits on the app; it will guide you if you enter the wrong digits and reward your game points for correct ones.

Download Pi Ultimate from Google Playstore now.


FlashDog – GFX Tool For PUBG

FlashDog Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019

FlashDog is a GFX tool for PUBG that enhances your PUBG gaming experience. It scans the device’s specs and pushes a better HD, lag-free, smooth gaming environment.

The app is ad-free and safe to use.

Download FlashDog – GFX Tool For PUBG from Google Playstore now.


FireFox Send

Firefox Send Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019FireFox Send is a file-sharing app from Mozilla and currently is in the development phase. The app allows you to share files up to 1 GB for free without the need of registering. However, for bigger files (up to 2.5 GB), users need to sign up for a free Firefox account.

The file-sharing link expires automatically after a certain period and is secured with end-to-end encryption.

Download Firefox Send from Google Playstore now.


Energy Ring – Galaxy S10/e/5G/+ battery indicator

Energy Ring for Galaxy S10 Top 10 Unique & Best Android Apps – Free Apps May 2019

Are you trying hard to hide that punch-hole on your newest Samsung Galaxy S10 (or other S10 family devices)? Because now you don’t have to, with Energy Ring you can embrace the punch-hole. Energy Ring is an app that displays a visual battery indicator around the punch-hole camera lens.

You can customize the ring direction to clockwise, anticlockwise or bi-directional, and choose desired charging animations from the preset collection.

The app has almost zero loads on the device’s CPU, and comes with a free ad-supported version!

Download Energy Ring from Google Playstore now.

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