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Top 9 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – November 2019

Might seem a little late to curate and post for our monthly top and free Android apps, nonetheless, here we are with our November’s Android apps.

Unlike our previous lists, this month’s curation primarily includes a majority of wellbeing and health apps, and other than that app to boost your productivity, knowledge, and curiosity.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right into it.

Top 9 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – November 2019

Unlock Clock

Unlock Clock - Top apps November 2019

As a part of Google’s Digital Wellbeing Experiments, Unlock Clock is a simple wallpaper app that displays the number of times you have unlocked your phone. If you are one of those types who without any specific purpose unlock their phone, this app will display and alert your unlock times right on your face. Probably, helping you to control the habit of unnecessary phone unlocking.

However, to use this app, you have to have Google Wallpaper installed on your phone and download a live wallpaper and apply.

Download Unlock Clock

SpaceX GO

SpaceX GO - Top apps November 2019

For SpaceX fanatics, Space GO should prove itself as a go-to app. The app has all sorts of information covered related to SpaceX, be it detailed launch tracking of past and upcoming launches to company details and achievements.

Moreover, you can also track Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster in the space and read about all the ships, rockets and capsules developed by SpaceX over the years. Besides, SpaceX GO sends push notifications before if rockets are scheduled to leave the launch pad.

The app follows Material Design approach and supports the easy-on-eye dark theme.

Download SpaceX GO


Morph - Top apps November 2019

Google has been clearly showing its best interest in users’ health and mindfulness, which is why Google introduced Digital Wellbeing in the latest Android 10. Not only that, Google’s creative lab has been regularly launching apps that help to find a better balance with technology. Among that Morph is one too.

Morph assists the user to focus on what they are doing, simply by making the adapt to your needs. You can set for different settings and apps that are important for that mode.

Download Morph

The New Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Preview app - New Android Apps November 2019

Call me old-school, but if you remember Microsoft Works, this new Office app is the modern version of it.

Microsoft unveiled the new Office app for iOS and Android on Nov 4th, 2019. The new Office app has all three major apps; Word, Excel and PowerPoint built right into it. No more installing three different apps.

The new app is powerful enough to handle Office Lens’ like features as you can scan the pictures and convert them to editable word, tables, or PDFs, and even scan QR codes too.

The new Office app is available for preview only, so to download signup as Beta Tester.

Signup on Beta Tester for Office app


Andronix - Top apps November 2019

Running Android OS on PC (via emulators) we all have done that, but how about running PC’s powerful OS on Android? Not many, I guess.

Andronix is here to help you with that. The app lets you install a complete Linux system on your Android system and perform heavy tasks. Yes, you don’t need to have your device rooted.

Currently, they support ARMv7, ARM64, x64.device architecture and Android version 5.1 or above.

Download Andronix

Binance Academy

Binance Academy - Free crypto apps November 2019

Blockchain and the cryptocurrency are relatively new with rising curiosity and popularity but not everyone is aware of what is it really about Which is why, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance, has launched an app to spread knowledge and awareness; Binance Academy.

The app is entirely free and provides unbiased educational content.

Download Binance Academy

We Flip

We Flip - Digital Wellbeing Experiment November 2019

Another app in the list from the Digital Wellbeing Experiments by Google is We Flip. We Flip is a simple app to spend quality time together by enabling you to switch off from technology as a group. If anyone in the group unlocks the phone, the session is ended and then you see and track how your session went.

Download We Flip

Caption 8

Caption 8 - Instagram Hashtag Generator app November 2019

For a heavy Instagram user, the Caption 8 app should truly be a relief as it generates relevant popular hashtags just using your photo and machine learning.

The hashtags are based on your photo location and subject in the pictures which you can also save as favorite to use them later automatically.

Besides, the photo never leaves your device.

Download Caption 8

Air Quality | AirVisual

Air Quality checker app

Most of the popular cities like Delhi and Beijing are suffering from poor air quality issues, and the conditions are more degrading. So, to alert of the situation and give you visual data of air quality of your surroundings and more than 10,000 cities around the world, the Air Quality app does a pretty decent job.

You can check real-time air quality and 7-day forecast, allowing you to plan ahead on how to prepare for the air pollution.

Download Air Quality

Did we miss any other unique apps? If yes, please let us know below in the comments and also, please do share your opinion on if the apps list is helpful.

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