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Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – August 2019

Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – August 2019

Like we, here at Prabidhi Info, how always say rotating new apps on your phone is fun and interesting. And so, we go, new month August is here and it’s time to try those best free Android apps.

This month we have covered a diverse collection of best apps. An app that will make learning easy and fun, one-of-the-kind Android launcher, the frustrating-yet-fun nostalgic game that will give your smartphoning experience a new life, and some more.

Without further ado, let’s get it started.


Knowt Top unique apps August 2019

Studying and learning should be fun, and that’s what Knowt believes in. Knowt is a fun app to help you absorb the information quicker and in a fun way.

You can convert your notes into review quizzes, the only thing you need to do is either type your notes or copy-paste it into the app’s editor, and hit QUIZ.

The app is able to perform this tedious but smart task with AI and is available across the platform, for PC/web and for the phone. Knowt also supports Google Drive, which means you can directly import the notes from the drive and instantly create a review quiz. Besides, the intelligent AI can also work through hand-written notes, just upload the picture and you’ll get an editable and quizzable notes.

Knowt is currently is raising some funds on Kickstarter.

Download Knowt

Ceri Launcher

Ceri launcher top apps August 2019

How much do you love playing and customizing your smartphone? Do you keep switching between tons of launchers? If the answer to both questions is “YES”, well, you will love this one— Ceri Launcher.

Ceri Launcher is a very different, beautiful-looking launcher, and unlike most of the launchers with boring homescreen layout, it comes with a honeycomb layout.

Right after you install (or via app’s settings), you’ll be offered to select either to show all your apps or only favorites apps on the homescreen, apps display layout, clock styles, and background. If your phone has an OLED screen, you can choose to set a pitch-black background to save the battery juice.

Besides, the launcher tons of other tweaks and personalization you can try out.

There is Pro version (worth $2) unlocking all the features such scroll animations, and we are giving way 20 promo-codes for the pro version. ENTER HERE

Download Ceri Launcher

Flappy Royale

Flappy Royale Top free apps August 2019

Remember good ol’ annoying (but addictive) Flappy Bird game? And how you got frustrated to get past those pipes and stay alive for 10 seconds? Here’s a little good news for y’all, Flappy Royale is here to
resuscitate all those memories but in a royale game format.

You jump from a Fortnite-themed bus and play along with other 99 players and compete to get past the most pipes and be the last man standing to earn the glory. You know the drill.

Download Flappy Royale

Forget Where You Parked

Forget Where you Parked Top unique apps August 2019

As the cars are getting smarter and driverless these days, there still are the cars that are old-school and lack GPS tracking. And has it occurred you end up forgetting where you parked the car? Because, there is a new app— Forget Where You Parked— in the town to save you from that.

With the app, you can save the location of the car parked with one single tap on “P” button on the app and save as many places as you want. More than that, the app will also calculate the shortest walking route to your parked car and display on the app’s map.

Download Forget Where You Parked

Gallery Go

Gallery Go by Google August Best apps

If you are already not aware of the best gallery app, it’s Photos by Google. But there is one little problem with that. The app, Google Photos, is a large app and sized over 50MB, and needs the internet to perform the most of its features. So, which is why Google came up with a lighter, offline and on-the-go version of Google Photos. Gallery Go.

Gallery Go Top Apps August 2019

Gallery Go is a photo gallery app designed to work offline and is light as 10MB. Which means you won’t be needing a high-speed internet or cloud backup to find, edit and manage photos on your phone. The app using machine learning to automatically organize the photos by people or documents.

Download Gallery Go


FindARun Best Android Apps August 2019

FindARun is a simple running route planner app. It comes in both a free and a paid version. The free version does the basic and important job; you can select the starting point on the map and the endpoint to make the route and save the route to keep the track of it.

However, the upgraded version adds little more feature to the app, you can estimate the number of calories you are about to burn, the time it will take to complete the run.

Download FindARun


Crono Top unique apps August 2019

Are you a guy that can’t miss any notifications, messages on your phone? But can’t keep up when you are browsing on PC? So, here’s the solution; get CRONO.

Crono is an android app that works along with Crono extension for Chrome browser and mirrors your phone notifications, messages, clipboard on PC. However, there’s more to that, the app lets you find your connected phone if you ever misplace it.

And since the data are shared between the browser and the phone, you might be little worried about the security and the privacy. Good thing is, the app employs end-to-end encryption as the encryption keys are shared offline via QR code.

The other mentionable features of Crono is, you can dismiss phone calls, send instant SMS, email, or chat replies for WhatsApp, Messenger, Hike, and Gmail.

Download Crono



Artwalls is not your regular wallpaper app. But a manually curated collection of history’s best arts. You can select from more than 300 paintings and set it as your phone wallpaper.

Besides the app also has a biography of artists, description of collections, dark mode collection, and best of all, comes in 4K high-res quality.

Download Artwalls

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons Top unique apps August 2019

Weighing out the pros and cons of any decision you make is, obviously, one of the hardest tasks. Thanks to the Pros & Cons, the task shouldn’t be hard anymore.

All you need to do is, write down your objective, rank your thoughts on the scale of number 1 to 10, and the app will give semi-detailed information on whether the decision is good one or bad one.

Download Pros & Cons

Fluid Simulation

Suffering from anxiety or boredom? But don’t want to play some fancy games? Fluid Simulation is here for you. You can play with fluids with a gentle touch of your fingers and create some soothing, psychedelic bloom and sunrays.

Download Fluid Simulation

Did we miss any other unique apps? If yes, please let us know below in the comments and also, please do share your opinion on if the apps list is helpful.

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