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Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – October 2019

Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – October 2019

October it is, and which means it’s time to list some of recently launched best and free Android apps. This month we have curated a diverse collection of apps. From installing an entire virtual Android emulator inside your Android OS to complete new kind of keyboard app.

We are sure, these apps will not just enhance your productivity but improve your overall smartphoning experience. So, let’s get to the list.

Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – October 2019

VMOS – Virtual Root Android on Android-Double System

VMOS Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – October 2019

We are already familiar with Android emulators for PC, but how about Android emulators for an Android phone? Sounds funny, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

VMOS is a virtual machine running as an Android emulator. It can be installed as a normal app and used to clone the already-installed app on the phone with a single click. This might sound like regular app cloners like Parallel Space, but trust me, it’s different and powerful. Because it supports picture-in-picture mode, which means you can watch YouTube videos in a floating window or play it in the background. Besides, you can also play and run particular games in the background with customizable resolution. Top of all, VMOS can also run as a rooted system, which can be activated from Developer options → Grant root permission inside the VMOS.

However, the VMOS runs on an older version of Android; Android 5.1 and supports devices with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage.

Download VMOS

Bridgefy – Offline Messaging

Bridgefy Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – October 2019 (1)

Bridgefy (launched in 2016) is certainly not a new or recently launched app, but the popularity and its usage have suddenly spiked up because of the ongoing Hong Kong protest. As Hong Kong government has restricted internet usage, sending messages and communicating has become one of the major problems for the protestors. But Bridgefy has risen as a solution to this.

Bridgefy is an offline messaging app which creates a mesh network of its own and enables communicating with friends and family over Bluetooth. This doesn’t require any kind of access to the Internet. You can chat person-to-person within 330 feet (100m), however, to communicate over 100m, the “Mesh Mode” is activated and messages go through a large number of people in the mesh until it reaches the receiver.

The app is definitely a life-saver app because it enables communication in situations like natural disasters. Other than offline messaging, this app does have an optional online mode to chat over the internet connection.

Download Bridgefy


Reddigram Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps – October 2019

Reddigram is a third-party Reddit client whose interface is inspired by Instagram. All visually eye-pleasing contents are displayed in Instagram-style, and if Reddit account connected, you can double-tap to upvote the posts.

The app embraces the night mode and has a different set of subreddit subscriptions, which means the subreddit you have subscribed to on the app doesn’t interfere with the feed on the Reddit official app or platform.

Download Reddigram

Typewise Keyboard

TypeWise Keyboard Top 10 Unique & Best Free Android Apps October 2019

Tyepwise Keyboard is not your regular smartphone keyboard app. The app has completely redesigned keyboard layout with larger keys and tons of interesting features to make typing easy, fun and typos-free.

The keys are in a honeycomb shape. The keyboard can left be as it is or can be set to more regular layouts like “QWERTY”, “QWERTZ”, and “AZERTY”. You can swipe left to delete the text or swipe right to restore. Besides, the app respects the system-wide dark mode and turns the lights off for you automatically.

The app was recently featured as #5 Product of the Day on Product Hunt too. However, Typewise is currently beta phase and only invitees are given access to try and use it. To get an invite, visit the Typewise website, choose the platform (iOS or Android) you are on, enter your email and click on “Get Free Access”.

Get Typewise Keyboard 

Pinterest Lite

Pinterest Lite Download Best Free Apps

Pinterest needs no introduction to what it is used for. In fact, Pinterest is top #10 social media. These days, top apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft are targeting emerging markets with their optimized “lite” versions of their regular apps such as Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Twitter Lite, LinkedIn Lite, and Skype Lite. And recently Pinterest too launched the lite version of its app; Pinterest Lite.

Download Pinterest Lite

Quoted Replies for Twitter

Quoted Replies for Twitter Download Best Free Apps

Quoting tweets on Twitter is easy, but looking for who quoted of that tweets is not. Because Twitter doesn’t have any native feature to track the quoted tweets. But no more wondering, there’s an app for that, like everything else; Quoted Replies for Twitter.

To see for the quoted tweets, it’s simple and easy, just tap the share button on the tweets of which you are interested in, look for “Quoted Replies” app and that’s it.

Download Quoted Replies

Google Shopping – Shop Easier

Google Shopping Download Best Free Apps

Google owns the internet. Based on your Google Activity, Google knows what you are looking for when you are shopping. And which is why Google has now its own shopping app to make shopping easier and of less hassle.

Within the app, you can shop from the thousands of verified stores with Google buyer protection and 7-days support. And in some qualified orders, the shipping is also free with packages getting delivered within 3-5 days.

Download Google Shopping

Tourio – Be, To See

Tourio Download Best Free Apps

As much as traveling is fun, navigating and finding a guide during sight-seeing is difficult. But it doesn’t have to. Tourio is a smart audio-guide app that guides you through the visit providing you all the necessary details like when the location is closed, history about the location, nearby cafes, best selfie spots and where to find the best souvenirs.

And all these can be done offline, no need to be connected to the internet. You will need to download offline content.

Download Tourio

Speaker Cleaner – Remover Water & Fix Sound

Speaker Cleaner free apps

Ah, despite smartphones these days are packed with features like radar sensor (Pixel 4 and 4 XL) and trypophobic multiple cameras (iPhone 11), still flagships like OnePlus 7T Pro lacks IP rating for water-resistant. This means your phone is constantly in danger of getting damaged when exposed to water. And even the phone survives the drowning, your phone’s speaker might not.

So, to solve that, the Speaker Cleaner app does as what its name says; clean the speaker by using a certain frequency of sounds to remove the remaining water. The app is highly rated on Play Store.

Download Speaker Cleaner

Flip DND – flip to shhh!

FLIP DND Android Apps

Focusing on work is hard when you have an ever-distracting phone by side.  Flip DND is here to flip that for you. With a simple gesture like flipping the phone screen down, your phone can be automatically set for the “Do Not Disturb” mode. And once you pick the phone, it’s back to normal mode again.

Download Flip DND

Did we miss any other unique apps? If yes, please let us know below in the comments and also, please do share your opinion on if the apps list is helpful.

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