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CES 2020: Mercedes VISION AVTR is not just a car, but a ‘creature’ from AVATAR

Mercedes Vision AVTR concept car CES 2020

We’ve already witnessed pioneering techs at CES 2020, such as Dell Duet and Alienware Concept UFO, Samsung Ballie and OnePlus Concept one phone, but Mercedes introduced its concept car “Mercedes VISION AVTR” a bit late. However, it still might be the most interesting piece of tech that has been unveiled in this year’s CES. The “AVTR” might be pronounced as “Avatar” as Mercedes has built this concept car while taking inspiration from 2009’s blockbuster movie ‘AVATAR’ (a sequel is also in the making). The AVTR, which stands for “Advanced Vehicle Transformation”, chances are this car from Mercedes might even feature in AVATAR 2, who knows?

Mercedes uploaded its promotional video on its official YouTube channel with the slogan “The Vision of Tomorrow’s Next Big Thing”. The design, the use of materials has all been inspired by AVATAR movie and each part designs have their own reference to the movie. The company stated that all the materials are used in this car while keeping the idea of sustainable development in mind. ‘The car is built so that it can represent an organic symbiosis of human, machine and nature’ was later added in the statement.

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR: Design and Features

When the car was unveiled in the event, all audience were astonished and amazed just by looking at it. At first glance, it feels as if it came straight out of a Sci-Fi movie ‘Tron Legacy’. The lights, design, interior, curved edges and the way it is built feels next-gen. The workers, engineers and the minds behind this car deserve a round of applause.


While looking at the VISION AVTR from the sides, we can see that not just the windows but the whole doors are transparent. It may be a normal glass, bulletproof glass or even fiberglass — or something that can withstand a metal ball, eyes on you Cybertruck. The edges look super smooth and are crafted beautifully. The curves that it has from its front to back is a work of perfect art.

Speaking of the locomotion, the tires are one of the catchiest features here. It has seven light rims at sides and a company logo in the middle. This idea was inspired by “Atokrina” which were seeds shaped like jellyfish from Great Tree in the movie. These spherical-shaped tires allow the to car move sideways, you heard me right, sideways.

mercedes-benz-VISION-AVTR tires

At the front, there’s no headlight nor sidelights but a straight line that emits light and goes from one end to another like a curved way, below this straight line is also the same but at the middle, we can see a vent like thing along with the company logo which looks very bright and is beautifully placed.

Bionic Flaps/Scales

At the back, there are “33 bionic flaps or scales” to say which can go up and down or even sideways and can react its motion according to its environment and things that it senses. It goes downwards when the car is in motion, goes upward while braked and sideways while going to corners or turned. (To view these flaps in action, scroll to the bottom of this post and watch the embedded video.)

These bionic flaps even have lights fitted beneath them and can emit different lights according to different scenarios. For example, they emit blue light while the car is moving and emits red light when braked. The company even said that these flaps can be used in such a way that it can be a means of communication with other vehicles running on the same road or even people crossing roads. The way they react in motion, the small sounds they make and the lights they emit can be the idea of communication. These flaps are inspired by “Ikran” which were large bird creatures and from the movie.

mercedes-benz-VISION-AVTR bionic flaps

Below these flaps, the company logo and VISION AVTR logo is placed. Beneath it is a straight-line light bar which mainly emits red light and acts like a tail light. An open shaft like design is also seen and there is also a panel where the animation of light passes through, and these animations of light pass through in relative to car’s speed. Faster the car’s speed, faster the animation of lights will be and vice-versa.

Interiors and Control Unit

Moving interiors, all the interiors are made from recycled plastics, electronic components, and roots of overgrown trees that grow very large roots and hamper other plants growth. The seats seem very luxurious and the interiors feel as we have entered the world of the future. The back seats upper part comes along the roof and gives support to persons sitting at the front seat mimicking as head support found on normal cars. There is no steering wheel nor a dashboard like normal cars, instead, there is a control unit that feels futuristic. From this unit, a nicely curved shaped display starts all the way up to the windshield where animations like forest and colors are played based on the theme from the movie.

The control unit is fitted in the middle of two front seats and pops up when it senses your hand. It can even measure heart-rate and vibrate along with seats. The way lights emit from this control unit is just amazing and is a next-level tech from Mercedes. A company logo is also placed at the top of this control unit and all you have to do is just perform gestures and move the upper part of this control unit to run, brake and change directions of the car. In the future, it may even integrate autopilot mode and voice driving mode, who knows what Mercedes may bring next.

A popular supercar vlogger ‘Supercar Blondie’ got her hands into this awesome car and talked about all the features and the idea behind the car. She explained about the interiors and the control unit.

At the unveiling event, Mercedes said that the car is not an automobile but a creature. Mercedes may even be planning to feature this car in sequel movies of AVATAR franchise. To make this car more Avatar-themed, Mercedes worked along with people behind the movie, mainly with James Cameron, director of the movie. This already established relation may work as a bridge to feature this car in upcoming sequel movies.

The idea of Mercedes is to create cars that are sustainable to our environment. That’s the reason why they have made this car fully electric and made interiors from recycled and non-usable objects. However, one thing for sure, the car won’t hit the road anytime soon because it is still in works and looks ahead of its time. The information about the battery, the specs and everything else has been kept confidential by the company. It’s just a concept car so it might never release officially also.

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