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Samsung Galaxy Unpack Event to be held on February 11 at San Francisco

samsung galaxy unpacked event Feb 11

Samsung Official announced that on February 11 they will unveil new, innovative devices. These devices will shape the next decade of mobile experiences. The reveal will be taking place at the Samsung Galaxy Unpack Event 2020 in San Francisco at 11 am PST, Feb 11, 2020.

Samsung has already made plans for 2020. There have been leaks and rumors regarding the upcoming devices from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S11 and Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Samsung Galaxy S11 could be called S20 as per some reports. Taking the leaks into consideration, the new Galaxy Fold looks like Motorola Razr. These two devices could be unveiled at the event. We may get to see the next mainline Galaxy S smartphones as well. Although this event is confirmed, Samsung still has not revealed anything. The small clip consists of nothing related to the device, rather it’s just cubes floating with the appearance of Samsung logo afterwards.

We just have to wait for the Samsung Unpack Event 2020 itself. If you want to watch the Livestream of the event, it will be available at Samsung Global Newsroom. For our time zone, GMT +5:45, the event will be at 12:45 AM, Feb 12, 2020. Stick with us as we will keep you updated about the Samsung Unpack event 2020.

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