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Vianet introduces “Triple 20 Offer” to celebrate it’s 20 years of providing service and New Year 2020

vianet offer

Telecommunication companies in Nepal like Ncell, NTC, Smartcell all have been providing us with their special offers during this Christmas and New Year 2020. Along with them ISP companies like Worldlink, Subisu have also provided us with special offers. Special offers are all part of the marketing strategy to lure in more customers, but however, they are also beneficial for their consumers. However, Vianet has come out with an offer “Vianet Triple 20 Offer” to celebrate its 20 years of providing service in Nepal and to celebrate New Year 2020. Let’s talk about this service more.

Vianet Triple 20 Offer

Vianet Triple 20 Offer is basically a revamped version of the previous entry-level 20mbps internet plan. In this offer, you will be able to use a free NET TV subscription with 250+ channels and another Rs. 1000 discount on installation charges.


This means all you have to pay is Rs. 11,400 per year to enjoy these services and the price is with the inclusion of 13% VAT. Sounds really good, doesn’t it? But the thing is, this offer won’t be available for long, the offer will expire on January 14, and after the deadline date, all the prices will be the same as normal. So, hurry up and grab the offer if you want to.

Source | Vianet

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