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How to register Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) form online? [Full Guide]

How to Register Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) License Form Online

Engineers can now register online for License on Nepal Engineering Council (NEC). This action will be effective from 2076/09/21 (Jan 6, 2020). Previously, you had to submit the hard copy through postal, courier or be present in the office by yourself.

NEC has listed the recognized university. You can check whether your university is on the list or not. If your university is not on the list you can visit the NEC office for further information. You can check the list of universities, by visiting the university section on the NEC website.

nec official notice

Required Documents for Online Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) License Registration
  • Citizenship
  • Mark Sheet of SEE or Equivalent
  • Character Certificate of SEE or Equivalent
  • Transcript of 10+2 or Equivalent
  • Character Certificate of 10+2 or Equivalent
  • Transcript / Semester wise mark sheet of the Bachelor’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s degree character certificate / Documents showing the duration of the study
  • Degree / Provisional certificate of bachelor’s degree issued by the university
  • Equivalence certificate of Bachelor’s Degree from the authorized agency of Nepal government

How to register Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) License form online?

STEP 1: Go to the official NEC website. Then you will see the ‘Registration’ tab. Click on Registration then click on ‘Online Registration’.

Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) license registration

STEP 2: On clicking Online Registration, a new tab will be opened will all the detail. Scroll down, you will see ‘APPLY NOW’ button. Click on this.

STEP 3: When you click on APPLY NOW, you will be directed to Personal details form. Fill all the necessary data. The ones with * sign are mandatory fields to fill. Then click on SUBMIT.

nec login detail from

STEP 4: On clicking on SUBMIT, a message will be displayed as shown below.  To proceed further, you will receive mail from NCE on the account you filled on Personal detail form. Open your mail.

NOTE: If you do not see the mail from NEC on the Inbox, it may be on the Spam folder. Check the Spam folder.

nec spam gmail

STEP 5: When you open the mail from NEC, you will ‘Application Registration’ message as shown below with 7 steps to be completed. Step 1(Your Information) is already completed. Then click on Step 2: Login Information.

STEP 6: Login Information (Step 2 from NEC email)
Under the Login Information section, enter the password and click on Submit.

engeineering license registration

STEP 7: Clicking on Submit will direct you back to Gmail on ‘Step 3 – Personal Address Information’. Click on Continue.

STEP 8: Personal Address Information (Step 3 from NEC email)
Under this section, you have to fill your personal details (DOB, Father’s Name, Mother’s name, Grandfather’s name, etc.). You have to upload your passport size photo of less than 1 MB. This section includes contact details as well.

Passport size Photo 

How to resize (optimize size) of your Photo/Image?

    You can easily resize your image and create an image of fewer than 50 KB size as required, by using the following tools:


STEP 9: Click on ‘Save & Continue’. Then you will be redirected to Gmail on step 4- Academic Details

STEP 10: Academic Details (Step 4 from NEC email)
Under this section, you have to upload your academic documents. The details regarding the Intuition, Board/University must be filled as well.

nce academic details

NOTE: Your documents must be in pdf, jpeg or jpg format. 

Convert Documents 


STEP 11: Click on ‘Save & Continue’. Then you will be redirected to Gmail on step 5-Personal & Payment Details

STEP 12: Payment Details

Here are the details of the payment. You have to pay Rs 3,000 for the registration, Rs 250 for an Identity card, and Rs 150 for a badge. If you apply for registration from International universities, you have to pay Rs 4,000.

For Nepalese Universities
Registration Rs 3,000
Identity Card Rs 250
Badge Rs 150
For International Universities
Registration Rs 4,000
Identity Card Rs 250
Badge Rs 150

You must deposit the registration fee at Rastriya Banijya Bank, A/C no: 116000109301 and the Bank voucher must be uploaded in the online application form.

STEP 13: Review and Submission

When you are done filling up all the details, review the application. Check if there are any errors. Then you can finally submit the application.

This is a great initiative from NEC authorities. Nepal Engineering Council will open the online registration on 2076/09/21 (Jan 6, 2020). This will be a huge relief for the applicants.

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