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First, download any software to make Bootable USB and install in your Computer/Laptop then attach your Pen Drive with your computer. Open the downloaded bootable making software and select USB Pendrive that you want to make Bootable and Windows 10 ISO or any Windows/Linux ISO file inside this software and simply click on Next. It will automatically make bootable USB Pen drive in few minutes. Now, we can boot from USB as we are booting using CD.

This method can be used to make “windows 7 bootable USB”/ “Linux Bootable USB “.

Follow the below step to make Windows bootable USB Pendrive using Rufus.


Step by step guide to make bootable USB or way to boot from USB.

Step 1: Download latest Rufus from here or any bootable USB making free software mentioned here.

How to boot from USB or make bootable USB Pendrive - rufus download
Download Most recent version of Rufus Software from the list.

Step 2: Open Rufus.

How to boot from USB or make bootable USB Pendrive - Rufus Interface

Step 3: Insert Pendrive which you are going to make bootable into Computer. Note any data saved in your pen drive will be lost so copy your file/data into the computer before using a pen drive.

Step 4: Select your Pendrive from the list in the Device section. This software will automatically detect your pen drive.

Step 5: Select “Disk or ISO Image” on Boot selection.

Step 6: Click on SELECT and choose ISO file of Windows 10 OS to make bootable windows 10 Pendrive or Select ISO File of respective Operating system.

Step 7: Choose GPT on Partition scheme. Most of the newer Computer harddisk support GPT but older one may not support GPT. In that case, select MBR. In the newer version of Rufus, Target system will be automatically chosen based on partition scheme Selection.
[You can convert MBR partition Scheme of Hard Disk into GPT.]

Step 8: You can change the name of bootable Pendrive by changing the name on Volume Label. You can rename anything.

Step 9: Select FAT32. Or you can leave default.

How to boot from USB - ISO to bootable USB - Rufus SettingStep 10: Click START and wait until the installation is complete.

Step 11: Click OK. Now, your USB pen drive is ready to install windows from USB Pendrive.

You can watch the video tutorial of “how to make Windows 10 bootable USB using Rufus” here:

Comment below if you are having any problem following this tutorial. You can always reach us out at Prabidhi Info Facebook and Twitter for any tech-related support and queries!