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Here’s how you can customize YouTube captions to your preference on Desktop, Android, and iOS

YouTube will lower video streaming quality due to Coronavirus outbreak

YouTube is one of the, if not the widely used video streaming platform across the world. This platform is perfect for content creators to showcase their talent and earn their living. This video streaming platform offers numerous features. Today we will be specifically talking customization of the caption/ subtitles. The majority of YouTube videos feature captions. These captions are important and help us in different scenarios.

YouTube Subtitles/ CC

Let’s say you are surrounded by people and you do not have a headset. But you want to watch a video without making any noise. Then you go for the closed captions (cc). You can simply mute the audio, turn on the captions, and watch the video. Other use of caption can be while watching foreign language videos. As YouTube uses Google Translate, you can watch the videos with preferred captions. This is an auto-translate feature.

We all have a different preference. Looking at certain text styles may bother some people. You may have a list of your favorite text style. Here’s a fun thing, YouTube allows you to fully customize the captions.

The default captions have the following formatting, Font family- Proportional Sans-Serif, Font color- White, Font size- 100%, Background color- Black, Background opacity- 75%, Windows color- Black, Windows opacity- 0%, Character edge style- None, and Font opacity-100%. You can fully personalize these formatting to your preference.

How to customize YouTube captions on smartphones and PC?

You can customize the captions on your mobile device as well as on PC.

For PC:

  • Open YouTube and play any video you want to. Click on the settings icon as shown and tap on Subtitles/CC.

YouTube Subtitles-CC

  • Under the Subtitles/CC head towards Options.

YouTube Captions Settings

  • Here you can change the formatting as you wish to. This includes Font family, Font color, Font size, Background color, Background opacity, Windows color, Windows opacity, Character edge style, and Font opacity.

For Smartphones (Android):

  • Open the YouTube app on your device. Tap on the profile icon on the top-right corner.

YouTube Captions Subtitles Edit Desktop

  • Head towards Settings. Under the Settings, tap on Captions.
  • Now the Caption preferences options will appear. Here you can select the formats you prefer. You can change both Standard Options and Custom Options.

How to edit youtube subtitles ios-android

NOTE: The settings on the YouTube app co-relates your device’s settings. They are not from YouTube official. Plus this may vary from one device to another.

For Smartphones (iOS):

The caption customization settings are linked directly to your iOS device. You have to change the phone setting directly to change the caption setting. All you have to do is follow as instructed,

Settings> General> Accessibility> Subtitles & Captioning > Style

Here on the Style, you can set the formatting you prefer.

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