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View Real-time Internet speed (Upload & Download) on Windows Taskbar

how to view Real-time Internet speed on Windows taskbar

Not everyone is blessed with a good internet connection. There are always some issues with the ISP in Nepal. Either they charge more for the internet, or there’s quite annoying fluctuation in the bandwidth that may lead to the confusion whether your device is lagging or there are issues with the internet connection. Different IPS in Nepal provides different service packages. Some may use limited or unlimited. But does not matter which one you use, you must keep track of the usage. Talking about the track, there is a built-in Internet Bandwidth Manager on Windows 10. This gives you information on the internet usage on the device.  But unfortunately, it does not have a speed tracker. For me, the upload and the download speed number always fascinated. You will be familiar with those numbers if you torrent. But it would be cool if we are able to track real-time internet speed on our device.

Internet Speed Meter

On Windows 10 we have open the taskbar every time to see those numbers. But there’s an effective alternative for that. There are numerous software available in the market for internet speed meter. But we have selected two of the best premium tool that is absolutely free to use- DU Meter and Net Speed Meter. You can use any of these two according to your preference.

How to display Internet Speed on Taskbar in Windows 10 using DU Meter?

  • Download and open the installation DU Meter file. On the setup wizard, proceed with the installation by tapping on Next.
  • Then set limits for your monthly Internet usage (Estimated). Tick mark on the alert options as well. Click on Next.

du meter internet speed meter limit

  • Skip this DU Meter account linking part.

du meter account link skip

  • After this configuration, a pop up will appear for the confirmation of adding DU Meter on your device. Press the Yes button.
du meter windows 10 taskbar speed
DU Meter
  • On the taskbar, you will see download an upload option.
  • There’s also a floating bar that shows the network graph with other necessary information about your network. That’s it and you’re done.

How to display Internet Speed on Taskbar in Windows 10 using Net Speed Meter?

  • If your device is 32-bit, click here to download NetSpeedMeter (X86) and if your device is 64-bit then click here to download NetSpeedMeter (X64).

Note: To check your Windows System type, open ‘This PC’. Right-click anywhere and tap on properties. There you will your Windows System Type.

  • If you are using Windows 7, you can simply double-click on the setup file. But if you are using other versions like here I’m using Windows 10 then right-click on the setup file and go to Properties.
  • On the properties, select Compatibility. Under the compatibility option, there’s a label termed as ‘Compatibility mode’.

netspeedmeter setting config windows 10

  • Tick mark on the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’. Then select ‘Previous version of Windows’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Apply then OK. Install the setup file.
  • During the installation on the configuration, windows select the preferred language, your active network adapter and tap on Save.

netspeedmeter internet meter setting

  • You will see the download and upload speed toolbar on the taskbar. By default, the speed meter is in Kilobits (Kbits). You can change it easily. To do so right-click on the bandwidth toolbar, select configuration.

netspeedmeter setting change birtrate

  • In the General tab, there’s a Bitrate option. Select the preferred measure. Click on Apply then OK.
netpseedmeter windows 10 taskbar
Net Speed Meter

So the above mention are the two best ways to display the internet speed meter on your system. You can choose any of the above-given options. You can customize your taskbar. You can increase the transparency of taskbar up to 100%. It would be really cool to view internet speed meter on fully transparent taskbar. For more information please read, Here’s how you can increase Windows 10 Taskbar transparency to 100%. If you any confusion/ queries regarding the internet speed meter please let us know in the comments. We will try our best to help you.

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