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Here’s how you can enable mixed (Light and Dark) theme on Windows 10

How to enable-combine mixed (Light and Dark theme) on Windows 10

Here’s a quick summary on how to enable mix theme on Windows 10,

  • Click on Windows (flag icon), type ‘Color setting’.
  • Under ‘Chose your color’ select ‘Custom’.
  • For ‘Choose your default Windows mode’ and ‘Chose your default app mode’ select the theme that you prefer.

Being the developer of one of the widely used OS, Microsoft has added pretty much everything on Windows 10. Windows 10 is a complete package of numerous features. This operating system has such note-worthy features that you don’t have to install other third-party apps. Gaming Mode, Blue Light Filter, Clipboard History, etc. are widely discussed aspects of Windows 10. And now it’s for the Dark theme. Dark theme/Night Mode is the current trend for most the application (both desktop and mobile-based). There are numerous apps that have already introduced the dark theme on their platform.

Following this with the release of Windows 10 (build v1903), Windows has optimized its theme setting. Previously you could use either Light theme or Dark theme but now you can use the combine light and dark theme.

If you want to learn more about Dark theme on Android device, please read, “33 Android Apps with Dark Mode Support and How to enable it”.

How to enable/combine mixed (Light and Dark theme) on Windows 10?

To use the mixed theme on Windows 10, you must have an updated version of Windows 10 May 2019. Follow the instruction given below to enable mixed theme:

  • Click on Windows (flag icon) and type ‘Settings’. Select ‘Personalization’.
  • On the left-hand side menu, press on ‘Colors’.

windows personilization You can follow a shorter route.

  • Click on Windows (flag icon) then type ‘Color setting’.

Windows 10 color settings

  • Under ‘Chose your color’ select ‘Custom’. For ‘Choose your default Windows mode’ and ‘Chose your default app mode’ select the theme that you prefer.

Windows 10 mixed (dark and light theme)

  • You can toggle on the Transparency option and customize Windows colors as well.

Windows 10 Transparency effects

  • Options for accent color visibility on Start-Taskbar-Action center and Title bars-Windows borders are also available.

Windows 10 color accent option

For Windows mode, I have selected Light theme and for App Mode Dark theme.

windows mixed theme

Experiment with different options and select the best one. Customize the best display settings for you.

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