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Get your productivity on-the-go by enabling Google Docs Offline

How to use Google docs offline

Here’s a quick summary on the steps to enable Google Docs Offline:

  • Download and install Google Chrome.
  • Sign In and download Google Doc Offline extension.
  • Open Google Docs and go to settings.
  • Enable ‘Offline toggle bar’ and click OK.

Google Doc is one of the best free word processors to create a resume, write an article, slide, sheets, etc. Such tasks can be performed at an ease with Google Docs and to do so an Internet connection is required, but now Google has solved this problem. Previously we had covered, How to use Gmail offline? The steps are quite similar. In Gmail offline, you can sync the data for a number of days which will be stored on your computer and you have to remove it manually later on.

Now you can use Google Doc offline as well. You can manually select the files you want offline as well. Follow the steps given below to use Google Doc offline.

How to use Google Docs offline on your PC?

STEP 1: Install Chrome

Similar to Gmail offline, Google Doc offline can only be used in Google Chrome. If you are using other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Brave) Google Doc offline can not be used. You must install Google Chrome.

STEP 2: Google Account

After the installation, you have to Sign In your Google account. You should remember that you should sign in the account you want to use offline.

STEP 3: Google Doc Offline Extension

Then you have to download the Google Doc offline extension. Click here to download.

google chrome google docs offline extension

STEP 4: Enable Google Docs Offline

Now follow the given steps to enable Google Docs offline.

  •  Open Google Docs. On the top-left corner, you will see a hamburger icon. Click on this and select Settings.

google doc setting menu


  • In the settings, you will see ‘Offline’, just enable the toggle and click on OK.  This will enable offline mode on Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

google doc enable offline mode

  • Google Docs saves offline recently used files only. If you want to save other files, you can manually choose the files you need to access offline.

STEP 5: Manually Save Offline
You have to click on a three-dot menu then click enable ‘Available offline’. The lightning bolt icon will be displayed as shown below.

google doc offline icon

How to enable Google Docs Offline on Mobile.

Not only on the desktop, you can also use Google Docs offline on mobile as well. Follow the given steps to enable Google Docs offline on mobile.

  • Open Google Docs/ Sheets/ Slides app on your device. Then tap on Menu and click on Settings.
  • Tap ‘Make recent files available offline’.

enable google doc offline android iphone

In this way, you can use Google Docs offline for both Desktop, Android and iPhone/iPad. If you have confusion/queries, please comment below. We will try our best to help you.

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