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Twitter rolls “Lights Out” true dark mode, here’s how to enable it

Enable Twitter 'Lights Out' true Dark mode on Web, Android and iOS app

Dark mode (aka Night Mode) is the current trend. Most of the applications are introducing dark theme UI. Applications and dark/night mode go hand in hand. The blue light emitting from the smartphone’s screen can cause eye strain, especially at night and disrupt your natural sleep cycle or cause insomnia. Other than battery-saving advantages, this is the main reason why the developers are adopting the dark mode interface. Applications like Gmail, YouTube, Brave Browser and other social media have introduced dark mode. Recently, Twitter embraced the darker side by introducing complete pitch-black dark mode, which is an alternate option from Twitter’s previous “Dim” dark mode.

What is Dark Mode/ Night Mode on Twitter?

Dark mode display light text on a dark background reducing eye strain especially at night.  The majority of the people are switching into dark mode on their application.

Twitter has also enabled dark mode. However, enabling dark mode does not change how the application works. In fact, this is the first social media platform to introduce an optimized darker interface. You can enable dark mode, choose either ‘Dim’ or complete ‘Lights Out’ on both desktop applications and Android/iOS.

How to enable dark mode for Twitter on the desktop?

Follow the steps given below to enable to dark mode on Twitter.

  • Open the Twitter on your device. If you are using Windows 10, there’s an official Twitter app. The way to activate Twitter’s dark mode on Windows 10 and the web version is identical.

how to enable twitter dark mode desktop

  • Click on the ellipsis menu on the left sidebar. Select ‘Display’ and the following option will appear as shown below.

twitter dark-night mode setting

  • On ‘Customize your view’ box, you are given options for Font Size, Color, and Background. Select the ones that you prefer and press ‘Done’ button. Two background option includes ‘Dim’ — dark blue background and ‘Lights out’ — pitch-black background. The selected display options will be applied to the application.  

How to enable dark mode for Twitter on Android and iOS?

Twitter is available for both Android and iOS. Follow the steps given below to enable dark mode.

  • Launch the Twitter app and tap on your profile or slide out the main menu by pressing the hamburger icon.
  • On the bottom corner, there’s a light bulb icon, tap on it. This will automatically activate dark mode for you. Simple as that.

how to enable twitter dark mode on android-ios
Alternatively, you can follow a longer route,

  • Tap on your profile, go to ‘Settings and privacy’.
  • Select ‘Display and sound’ and choose ‘On’ or ‘Automatic at Sunset’ to enable the dark mode. However, you can select either ‘Dim’ or ‘Lights Out’ as your preference.

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