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Brighsun Electric buses about to launch in Nepal within the next two months

Brighsun Electric Bus

With the introduction of the electric pickup truck, ‘Cybertruck’ and other electronic vehicles from various automobile manufactures is a clear sign that the world is edging towards a sustainable environment development through using a clean source of energy. Even concept car ‘Mercedes-Benz AVTR‘ was fully electric and its interior was all made from reusable materials. By learning the ways of the world Nepal is also stepping towards a future with clean energy and sustainable development. The launch of the “P-0” electric motorcycle and Sundar Yatayat electric buses made us believe that this idea is hit in Nepal. So, to join this sustainable development rebellion, Himalayan Motors is about to launch Brighsun Electric Buses in Nepal within the next two months.

Himalayan Motors is a subsidiary of the Himalayan Organization and are authorized dealers for Brigsun in Nepal. Brighsun buses are products of Brighsun Technology which is an Australian brand. Brighsun buses are currently only manufactured in Cyprus, China, and Korea but the company is trying to expand by manufacturing it in India and Nepal. Although the buses aren’t available for purchase in Nepal, the manufacturing process in India will be starting within the next two months and then will be brought to Nepal. “Brighsun informed that the company planned to start assembling the buses in Nepal by 2025”, said Firoz Khan, senior agent for India.

Why is Brighsun Electric bus such a big deal?

The Brigsun Electric bus is not just a big deal but a huge deal because it holds a world record of traveling the longest distance of 1018km by an electric bus on a single charge. Not just this, the bus packs Li-ion battery which is more durable, reliable and powerful than traditional and other batteries. This battery’s juice can be filled from 0%-100% in 8 hours. “The bus will definitely have a range of 800km on Nepali roads to” stated Manager of Himalayan motors.

Executive director of Himalayan Motors, Dhurba Thapa followed up by saying “The batteries have a life span of 40 years and the company will provide with 20 years of guarantee”.

Our opinion

Brighsun Electric Bus launch in nepal

This bus looks exactly like a traditional bus the only difference is that it runs on clean energy and other runs on fuel. The length, width, the side mirrors, headlights all looks exactly like Party bus Nepal expect the graffiti. Seeing this bus running on Nepal’s road carrying passengers, especially the ring road of Kathmandu Valley will be such a pleasure. The smoke, the dust and everything that hampers the environment will decrease after that.

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