Subisu to provide free internet access in Province 2, to those who insure their daughter education


  • ‘बेटी पढाउ, बेटी बचाउ’ campaign led by the Chief Minister of Province 2.
  • Subisu to provide free internet access to the parents for the insurance of their daughter’s education.
  • Subisu has already installed optical fibers on all 8 districts.
  • The free internet will be of 15 Mbps for three months.


The state government of Province 2 had announced to provide free internet service to the parents who insure their daughter’s education. And Subisu joined in hands with Province 2 state government to collaborate. This “free internet” initiative is a part of  ‘बेटी पढाउ, बेटी बचाउ’ campaign led by the Chief Minister himself.

free internet on province 2 by subisu

Following this campaign, Subisu has already installed fiber optics on all districts of Province No 2 through the Broadband extension Project under the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund under Nepal Government Authority.

The insurer (parents) will be given 15 Mbps internet access for three months. Chief Minister, Council Ministers Office and the Project Chief of Subisu, Subash Adhikari have already signed the agreement. This is a great initiative from the Government to spread gender equality awareness among the people. However, only those who are born after Magh 2075 will be given free internet access and insurance for their education.

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