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Citizen Mobile App, a government app to provide services via smartphones in Nepal

citizen mobile app nepal government

The use of mobile apps in smartphones is becoming more common as time passes by. Not just individual people but the use of app is seen from companies to agencies to banks. Not just these but even the government of some countries have their own app which provides services to their citizens. Nepal is also following this footstep and are now executing this idea. The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers (OPMCM) created Citizen Mobile App Operation Directive-2019 which will allow the government to provide services to citizens of Nepal from android phones, iOS phones, tablets, and others.

Public Service Commission, Office of the Auditor General, Public Procurement Monitoring Office, Department of Passports, Department of Foreign Employment, department of transport management, Inland revenue department, Department of land Management and Archive, Office of the Company registrar and Social Security Fund are the government bodies those will be providing its services through “Citizen Mobile app”.

How to get and use the Citizen Mobile app?

If you want to apply then you can apply through your phone. After applying and getting the receipt, you will be provided with OTP (one-time-password). Now all you have to do is just fill all the information like name, address, date of birth, etc along with the gained password. The Government bodies shall verify the SIM and your identity with the help of telecommunications service providers. You will only be eligible to use services provided by the Citizen Mobile app when your identity is confirmed as reported by The Himalayan Times news.

How much will the use of Citizen Mobile app charge?

If any charge is to be paid then the app will notify you and instruct you to pay the sum to the concerned governmental body and no additional charges will need to pay for just using the app. If you are already registered user of the app then you can receive online services just by submitting the application.

This app will provide services at provincial and local levels. The service in the app will be provided 24hrs a day so, you won’t have to worry about time limit service or anything like that. All your private details and information will be maintained by the service providing agencies assigned by the OPMCM in accordance with the existing laws of Nepal.

To control and execute the operations, management, and maintenance of the app, the OPMCM shall seek help from Nepal Telecommunications Authority, national Information technology center and Provincial and Local level government.

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