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Get smooth game-play, turn on ‘Game Mode’ in Windows 10

gaming mode on windows 10

A quick outline of steps to enable Game Mode in Win-10:

  • Click Windows (flag) key and type ‘Game Mode Settings’.
  • Select ‘Game Mode’ and enable Game mode toggle.
  • Run any game. Then open Game Bar
  • Tick on ‘Remember this game’ and restart the game for smoothness.

Windows is one of the widely used desktop OS. Microsoft has added numerous features and functionalities with every Windows update/upgrade. The latest Microsoft OS is Windows 10. It has received positive feedback from the users as it has a lot of improved features. One of the most discussed and note-worthy feature is ‘Gaming Mode’.

What is ‘Windows 10 Game Mode’?

If you are using Windows 10, then you might know about ‘Gaming Mode’. Windows Gaming Mode enhances the gaming experience on your device. This feature allows you to optimize the system by allocating most of the resources for the game so that you get smooth gameplay. When you enable this mode, most of the CPU and GPU power will be utilized for gaming.

Not only for gaming, but you can also use these features to optimize overall system performance as unwanted background processes will be terminated automatically.

How to enable Game Mode in Windows 10?

You can enable Game Mode in Windows 10 in the following way:

  •  Click on Windows (flag) icon on your desktop or press flag icon on your keyboard, and click on the gear icon to go to ‘Settings’ or type Settings and press enter.

windows settings

  • On the ‘Settings’ page there’s the Gaming option, select ‘Gaming’ and ‘Game bar’ tab will appear.

windows 10 game mode

  • On the left-hand side, under the ‘Gaming’, select ‘Game Mode’. Afterward, toggle  ‘Gaming Mode’ on as shown below. And launch the game you want to play.

windows 10 enable game mode toggle

Alternatively, you can follow a shorter route,

  • Click Windows (flag) key and type ‘Game Mode Settings’. This will directly open the ‘Game mode’. You can enable ‘Gaming Mode’ as directed above and start playing any game on your PC.

windows game mode settings

  • Press Windows Key + G. It will open ‘Game Bar’.

windows 10 game bar enable gaming mode

  • Click on Setting. Under the General tab, tick on ‘Remember this game’ as shown below.
  • Now restart the game for the changes to take place. Your game will run smoothly.

How to record screen using Windows Recorder?

When you open the Game Bar by pressing ‘Windows keys + G’, this will give you options for screen capturing, audio settings, system performance bar and many more. You can take a screenshot and record using a Windows recorder. You do not have to install any third-party app.

windows 10 screen recorder

To record screen using Windows 10 screen recorder, click on the record button under the capture menu as shown. This will start recording your screen. You can record your gameplay using this feature and take a screenshot as well.

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