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Enable Windows Clipboard History and copy/paste multiple items at ease

how to enable-disable Windows 10 clipboard history

Copy-Paste, a feature that has saved the lives of millions of students. It is something that we all do multiple times a day. Copy/Paste was developed by Larry Tesler. Previously all we could do was paste the last copied item only. But what if we need to paste one particular item over again and again? For this reason and to make the users work seamlessly, Microsoft has introduced Clipboard history on Windows 10.

What is Windows Clipboard History?

With the release of Microsoft Windows 10 Build 17666, Microsoft has included one of the most awaited features, Cloud Clipboard, where you can save multiple items on the clipboard and later use them.  The cloud clipboard is officially termed as Clipboard History.  On Clipboard History, not only text, the images (of 1MB) can also be saved. Starting from Windows Build 18234, images size has been increased up to 4MB. Clipboard supports roamed text less than 100KB.

It is powered by Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. You can sync your clipboard on all your devices connected with Microsoft account as well, meaning you can copy text on your current device and switch to another device and then paste the copied item there. You can pin text if you use it on a regular basis.

How to enable Windows 10 Clipboard History?

You can enable Clipboard history in Windows 10 with the instructions given below.

windows 10 settings-system

  • Click on Windows (flag) icon, type ‘Settings’ and press Enter. Then go to ‘Systems’.
  • On the System, scroll down and tap on Clipboard option

windows 10 clear data clipboard history setting

You can follow a shorter route, Click on Windows (flag) icon, type ‘Clipboard Setting’ and press Enter. Clipboard Tab will be open directly.

windows 10 clipboard history

  • Under the Clipboard tab, enable the clipboard history as shown.
  • You can also sync across other devices by clicking on ‘Get Started’ under Sync across devices. You have to Log In with your Microsoft account.

Windows 10 clipboard history win key + v

  • To use the Clipboard History, press ‘Windows (flag) key + v’. That’s it, now you can use the Windows Clipboard History and get your productivity boosted up.

If you want to learn more about shortcut keys, please read:

How to disable Windows 10 Clipboard History?

  • Click on Windows (flag) icon, type ‘Clipboard Setting’ and press Enter. The Clipboard Tab will be open directly.
  • Under the Clipboard tab, disable the clipboard by clicking on off as shown below.

How to clear Windows 10 Clipboard History?

windows 10 clear data clipboard history

You can clear the items of the Clipboard history. All the items except those you have pinned will be deleted. You can clear Clipboard History in following way:

  • Click on Windows (flag) icon, type ‘Clipboard Setting’ and press Enter. Clipboard Tab will be open directly.
  • Under the Clipboard tab, tap on ‘Clear Data’.

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