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Nepalese Teams enter in the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Semi-Final

pmco south asian regional final

UPDATE: Three out of four teams are qualified for the next round, South Asia Regional Finals. For details, please read here:

On the ongoing PMCO Global Challenge, four Nepali Teams are going to battle in the South Asian Semi-Final. As mobile gaming is gaining its popularity rapidly, it is good news for all the Nepali gamers. SOLTISQUAD, ELEMENTRIX, NEPALI HO NI, and TRUSTDPROCESS are in the semi-finals. The South Asian Semi-final will be held on Nov 6 and Nov 7. Only two of 24 teams from this semi-final will be able to participate in the final Global Event.

nepali team pmco semi final

Team SOLITSQUAD and Team NEPALI HO NI are in Group A while Team ELEMENTRIX and TRUSTDPROCESS are in Group C.

Details of our Nepali Team


soltisquad pmco total

soltisquad team member


elementrix pmco total

elementrix team member


nepali ho ni pmco total

nepali honi team member


trustdprocess pmco total

trustdprocess team member

Other Team Details

Region In the Final Prelims
North America Cloud9 Tempo Strom
Omen Elite
South America Team Queso RED Canids Kalunga
Europe Team Unique Asterion Myth
Middle East North America KURD Squad SWAT69
South-East Asia RRQ Athena
Illuminate The Murder
Yoodo Game
Orange Esports Cg
Meta Conqueror
Bigetron RA
Japan ARG Wista DeToNator
Wildcard Entry Unicorn Nomad Gaming

All the best for the four teams in the semi-final. Let’s hope they be on the top at the semi-final and get selected for the final event.

You can watch the PUBG Mobile South Asia Semi-Final here.

For English Commentary, Click Here  

For Hindi Commentary, Click Here

For the PUBG Mobile South Asia Regional Final

Day 1 Game Play
Hindi Commentary, Click Here
English Commentary, Click Here

Day 2 Game Play
Hindi Commentary, Click Here
English Commentary, Click Here

Day 3 Game Play

Hindi Commentary

English Commentary

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