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PUBG Mobile Offers a New Reward: Free Trip to Malaysia for PMCO Finals


PUBG Mobile has totally changed the perspective of mobile gaming. All of us are in love with this Battle Royale game. Recently PUBG Mobile released it’s Season 9. Nevertheless PUBG Mobile is still upholding its hype with the ongoing PUBG Mobile Open Club (PMCO). The current PMCO event is going at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All of the best teams from across the world are gathered for this event. The winner of this event will get $10,000. Isn’t that amazing?

A Warrior’s Journey, which began back in September, has another occasion where players can possibly win enormous. A portion of the prizes is littler, as in-game things. While others are greater and possibly increasingly appealing to tremendous huge of the game. It would be a golden opportunity to see all these Pro players from across the battle each other. Well then guess what, PUBG Mobile is offering you this opportunity of a free trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where PMCO is held. This is the grand prize of A Warrior’s Journey Event. Tencent and PUBG Corp. are giving away 20 of these trips for free.

How to win a free trip to Malaysia?

In order to grab this opportunity, you don’t have to do much. All you have to do is participate in the daily challenges that take place during the event. Your daily participation in the challenges will enroll you for the trip to Malaysia. It’s as simple as that. Since this isn’t ability-based, such as winning the Club Open, you should simply login to play.

This event will last for two weeks only starting Oct 2nd, 2019.


You have two whole weeks to participate in the event challenges. It has already begun from 2nd October and will last for the 15th of October. There’s no time listed, which means the event will last until the very last minute of the last day. So, don’t lose your hope. To know what the challenges are one must login. All these event challenges are part of the daily missions that need to be completed. These challenges will cycle daily and more challenge completion means more chances to win the trip.

So, all the best to every PUBG Mobile player. We hope you get a chance for the free trip to PMCO 2019 finals.   

Steps to Win Free Trip to Malaysia

  • Login to PUBG Mobile.
  • Complete all the daily challenges.
  • Your completion of the daily challenges will validate you for the trip
  • The daily challenges are themselves the part of the daily missions that need to completed
  • More completions means more chances to win free trip


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