6G technology

China has officially started the research and development of 6G technology inside less than a week’s time after launching 5G. National Technology Bureau of China has already set up a team of professional experts to work on this revolutionary next-generation mobile network. This announcement was confirmed during 6G launch event in Beijing on November 3 as reported by Chinanews.com

At the press conference, the deputy minister of the Technology Bureau, Mr. Wang Xi stated that the team consists of 37 telecommunication professional experts and specialists from different universities, institutions, and corporations. The goals given to this team is to design a specific research plan and to successfully carry out that plan to develop a 6G technology which would prove revolutionary.

6G technology team

Mr. Wang Xi also followed by saying, “In this critical period of national development, we must attach great importance to the 6G development, coordinate its planning, promote it with efficiency, and open up for innovation in this area”.

5G had just rolled out in less than a week’s time and is already ramping up for 6g development. The 5G users are in vast majority in China, which is why the country has decided to act more than 130,000 5G base stations within this year of time. This will be the world’s largest 5G deployments. 5G smart town has already been built by Chinese engineers nears Shanghai where residents can download files at speed of 1.7GB per second speed.

Not just this, China is also about to complete its 5G-equipped high-speed train stations in which Chinese tech giant Huawei has also collaborated. This plan is taking place on Asia’s bustiest traffic hub which handles 60 million passengers a year. Yes, I am talking about the existing Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

Let’s hope this entire plan goes successfully and China successfully develops 6G technology which would prove to be welfare to China itself, other countries and this world of technology.  

News Source: Dailymail.co.uk

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