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Hamro Patro Introduces New Kundali Feature – Is This The Feature We Really Need?

Kundali Feature Review Hamro Patro

If you are a Nepali and have a smartphone, chances are likely you have that one Nepali app that everyone has. Yeah, you guessed it right, it’s Hamro Patro.

Once initiated with a simple idea of Nepali calendar feature, today, Hamro Patro has a complete set of features that a common Nepali would ever need on their phone — Nepali News, Radio, Podcasts, Videos, Horoscope, Audio Recorder, Note, Date Converters, and updates on Forex, Share Bazaar, Gold / Silver prices and Tarkari Bazaar. But to make it as a whole, more than a complete, recently, Hamro Patro introduced one major feature we didn’t know we needed; Kundali.

With more than 80% of Nepalese identifying themselves as Hindus, Kundali feature, undoubtedly, makes a huge impact on how easy an app makes interaction with traditional and religious beliefs. Given the importance of Kundali feature to this magnitude, it brings us to cover what really this feature is about, how can one have access to it and whether it’s worth paying for the service or not.

What is Kundali feature on Hamro Patro?

Getting started, Kundali is a natal chart created by Jyotish / Pandits (astrologers) based on the alignments and positions of heavenly bodies (seven planets, Sun and Moon) that determine and predict the incidents of your life. It can be prepared by providing birth-related data such as your date of birth (day, month and year), time and place of birth.

With Kundali feature on Hamro Patro, one can create anyone’s natal charts (if complete information available), check for total Gunas matching, reach out to Jyotish / Pandits and perform a relationship compatibility test just by knowing each other’s Rashi (Zodiac sign).

How does it feel to use Kundali feature?

Kundali feature being a part of the app itself takes the same aesthetic and design approach. You can access the Kundali from the left sidebar of the app, by clicking on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) situated at the top-left corner. When inside Kundali, the first things you will notice are four buttons; namely Janma Kundali, Kundali Guna Milan, Jyotish / Pandit and Rashi Milan, and Jyotish / Pandits nearby. Scrolling down the end on this page has a link to join yourself as a verified Jyotish.

This interface does make navigating through the feature and choosing what action to perform really easy.

Overview of Kundali Feature:

Janma Kundali

Filling up a form with a complete detail — name, date of birth, time of birth, birthplace — about a person will generate a Janma Kundali. Inside you can create as many Janma Kundalis you want, giving you the freedom to keep a record of beloved ones.

Kundali Guna Milan

Out of many significances of Kundali, the most important is matchmaking. With Kundali Gun Milan, anyone can check the number of Gunas matching which can then be forwarded via email.

Jyotish / Pandit

Right now, more than 50 (and counting) Jyotish / Pandit are listed on the app, primarily from Nepal and others from the United States, India, Australia, and Bhutan. These Jyotish / Pandits are manually verified by an expert from Hamro Patro. You will also be able to view all the services provided by those Jyotish / Pandits, their current location, and academics information.

Rashi Milan

Even though someone doesn’t have complete information for matchmaking, one can check their relationship compatibility on Rashi Milan. They just have to select Rashi of his/her and a friend from a drop-down menu.

How much does the Kundali feature cost?

Using basic features such as Kundali generation, matching Gunas and Rashis are completely free. However, reaching Jyotish / Pandits via a video call is a paid feature, which costs USD9.99 per call (usually USD14.99) and can be paid online using international payment accepting credit/debit cards, gift cards, or PayPal.

Since the feature hasn’t officially made into the Nepal region and is currently in beta testing, the payment is accepted in foreign currency rather than Nepali currency.

How can one reach Jyotish on Hamro Patro?

As of now, though the app has a complete list of Jyotish / Pandit around the world with information such as the services they provide, their academics and location, they can’t be reached online via the app.

To reach them, you have to visit Hamro Online Jyotish and follow the procedures mentioned below:

  1. Make your Kundali: To create a Kundali, you will have to fill a form with details such as your full name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth and any questions you want to ask Guru. And click on the “Generate Kundali” button.

  2. Buy Tickets: The next step in the line is “Buy Tickets”, where after you generate a Kundali, you have to select Jyotish from the list and pay USD9.99 for a ticket within two minutes. This ticket will be valid for a single call. However, as the feature is in its early phase, this USD9.99/call is a limited time offer of regular USD14.99/call.

  3. Video Call: Right after you pay, you are assigned to a Jyotish and you can present your queries and issues related to your health, wealth, education, abroad traveling, business, and love/marriage relationship to the Guru. In return, the Guru will answer your queries and guide you on the methods to remedy the negative planetary influence, if any.

And after the call is ended, a log to summarize all your queries and remedies is forwarded to your contact.

Is paying for Jyotish worth it?

Having to pay upfront for a Jyotish’s service without even meeting the Jyotish first (or even without any friends and family recommendations) might raise some skepticism on whether the paying would be worth it or not. But take this; all the Jyotish, before getting listed on Hamro Patro, are manually verified by a team of experts, so, quality is assured.

And another benefit of using this service is you cut the hassle of waiting in a queue or for an appointment. Besides, you are charged the same USD9.99 as everybody else, without having to worry about getting charged more or less. Because when you physically visit the Jyotish, the Guru might charge you more or less than the other depending on whether you were recommended or not and how complicated your issues are!

So, this does drive to a conclusion, yes, paying for the service is worth paying for.

Wrapping up

Being a Hindu myself, I know for sure how much significant Kundali is to us. And this feature on Hamro Patro, undeniably, makes everything related to Kundali and reaching out to Jyotish stress-free. Not to mention, looking at data, more than 15,000 Kundalis are generated each day on the app, which confirms this Kundali feature is going to be a massive hit and be a part of every Nepali’s lifestyle and productivity like every other feature on Hamro Patro.

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