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Apple AirPods Pro launched with All-new design, Apple’s H1 chip, Wireless charging, ANC and Transparency Mode

AirPods-Pro-featured price in nepal

Apple AirPods Pro is the successor of Apple AirPods and Apple AirPods 2. Apple AirPods and Apple AirPods 2 have been loved by many of its consumers and Apple fans but is hated by some for its expensive price tag. Even though AirPods and AirPods 2 were expensive it didn’t have Noise Cancellation feature which Apple has brought at last in AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro has a completely changed and refined design and is filled with much more new and improved features than its predecessors. Apple AirPods Pro has finally made its way to the Nepali market. The price this Airpods Pro in Nepal is Rs 38,500 (Olizstore) and Rs 42,000 (Evostore). There are also other wireless earbuds available in Nepal from affordable to mid-range to premium segment those worth the price.

Buy For Don’t Buy For
Noise cancellation feature Expensive price tag
New improved fit USB-C to Lightning cable inbox
Excellent Transparency pass-through mode  
IPX4 sweat and rain resistance  

Design, Build and Fit

Apple AirPods Pro looks completely different from its predecessors. AirPods Pro comes in new refined designed and is also very light in weight and doesn’t even feel as if they are sitting in our ears. Airports Pro has shorter stems than its predecessors.

Apple AirPods-Pro price in nepal

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It has silicon tips of three different sizes which user can choose from according to their ear sizes. This silicon tips helps to enhance the audio quality as well as improve the fit. So Apple really took a wise choice and went for silicon tips. The way AirPods Pro is built is very solid and refined. AirPods Pro comes with IPX4 sweat and rain resistance which makes it ready for everyday gym/workout and no worries from sudden rainfall. Overall the design, build and fit of Apple AirPods Pro are very good and solid.

Sound quality and features

Apple AirPods Pro comes with new custom drivers, Apple’s H1 chip, dual microphones, and improved bass which give much better and improved sound quality than AirPods and AirPods 2. AirPods Pro also has three modes to choose from which are transparency pass-through mode, noise cancellation and off. Transparency pass-through mode uses two microphones to amplify the sound around the user which is really useful while doing things that don’t require Active Noise Cancellation but still need some blockage for annoying sounds. To activate Noise cancellation mode user will just have to long-press the switch. Active noise cancellation is boosted by Apple’s H1 chip which works really well and gives a really great experience. The mics in the dual-mic system detect surroundings sound and cancel unwanted noise whereas another mic removes the remaining sound to isolate the wanted sound by the user.

Apple AirPods-Pro price in nepal

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There is a ‘captive force sensor’ in the stem of AirPods Pro which houses a small ridge that is used to switch between ANC and transparency mode, pause music and to skip forward playing tracks by squeezing the ridge. Using this ridge feels very odd and unusual but it will feel normal after some time of usage. Users are able to change what squeezing the ridge does. This ridge also has touch-sensitive volume control. This AirPods Pro consists of optical sensors and accelerometer which can play and stop the music while the AirPods Pro are removed from the ear or inserted to ear.

Battery and Connectivity

In terms of battery backup, AirPods is a little similar to what AirPods and AirPods 2 deliver. This AirPods Pro provides 5 hours of music playback plus the charging case can give up to 24 hours of juice which means there’s nothing to worry about. The front case houses tiny LED dot lights which indicate its charging or not with the level of charge. The charging case can give 1 hour of music playback in 5 minutes of charging which is really great. The charging case has Lightning charge port and supports wireless charging from iPhone 11 series but offers a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box.

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To set-up AirPods Pro, first users will have to make sure to have the latest IOS 13.2 to enjoy all the rich features of AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro can automatically pair with IOS devices linked with particular users iCloud accounts once activated. Heading into Bluetooth settings, the software will check users fit and silicon tips are used of the right size or not for good isolation in users’ ears. The test is also done by playing a few short pieces of music and it gives green light if the fit is good or perfect.

Apple AirPods Pro Price in Nepal

Apple AirPods Pro is currently priced at 250 British Pounds at Amazon and many of the India YouTubers have unboxed AirPods Pro. Finally, Apple Airpods has made its way to Nepal. Currently, you can purchase from Evostore and Olizsote. However, the price tag on these two stores are different. The price of Apple Airpods Pro in Nepal is Rs 42,000 on Evostore and Rs 38,500 on Olizstore. But there also other wireless earbuds available in Nepal from affordable to mid-range to premium segment those worth the price.

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