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Now charge your Android, iPhones and all devices with a same cable, inCharge 6

incharge 6 cable

We own multiple gadgets and for multiples gadgets, there are multiple charging cables. It’s easy to forget any one of your charging cables when you are traveling or outing. This is where inCharge shines. The inCharge undoubtedly is worthy of the title — the Swiss Army Knife of cables due to the versatility of this device.

Design and Build Quality

inCharge design

The built quality of inCharge 6 is solid. The metal housing made up of zinc-aluminum alloy protects the components and ensures the stability and the TPU cable guard protects the cable from any extreme bending of four internal copper wires. For furthermore protection there’s nylon reinforcement. When closed, inCharge is only 1.5-inches long. This makes inCharge the world’s smallest keyring charging cable. Not only that there’s a neodymium magnet that keeps the ends of cable intact together.

inCharge 6: Features

Now charge your Android, iPhones and all devices with a same cable, inCharge 6

inCharge 6 supports USB Type-C, Lightning port, Micro USB port, and USB-A, which means you can charge your Android, iPhones, powerbanks, and all other gadgets with this cable. This cable also supports reverse charging, allowing to charge one device from another device, also transferring data between two devices is also possible. You can also get a 1.5-meter version of the cable termed as inCharge 6Max. It features a unique magnet system to stay intact together onto the keyring. The cable is tangle-free as it’s only 1.5-inches long.

inCharge 6: Price and Availability

inCharge met its goal in the Indiegogo and has already begun shipping since December 2019. It reached 4000+% of its target goal.

For the pricing, this product is cost-effective. Plus you get numerous offer like: 3 inCharge + 2 inCharge 6Max for €42, x1 inCharge 6 for €12,  x2 inCharge 6 for €15, x1 inCharge 6Max for €17, x1 inCharge 6 +  x1 inCharge 6Max for €18, x2 inCharge 6 for €22, x5 inCharge 6f for €45. It’s available in colo variants like Moon White, Mercury Grey and Saturn Gold.

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