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Apple’s next iPad 2020 might feature keyboard with a trackpad

iPad Pro 2020

iPads from Apple is one of the most popular tablets in the market right now. iPads from the last three-generation had powerful hardware and ok software, good for media consumption and small tasks but since the release of iPad OS, the devices have only gotten more powerful. Apple has been marketing its iPad lineups to be an alternative to laptops. Before the release of iPad OS, even though the device had powerful hardware, and awesome performance capability, working on the iPad was mediocre at best. But after the iPad OS, everything has changed. And according to the latest rumors, the iPad 2020 is going to be more powerful.

To improve the work environment of the iPad 2020 even more, Apple seems to be making a keyboard with a trackpad for iPads. iPad OS even though it brought many features that were lacking in iOS for iPads like external storage support, and easy multi-tasking. One feature that is still lacking is the right-click like a normal laptop. There is no cursor support in iPadOS right now, instead, it has a small circular dot that acts as a touch input when a mouse is inserted.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) Price 2019

As Apple is rumored to be making a keyboard with a trackpad for iPads, we are also hoping to see an update that will enable a more conventional pointer to the iPad 2020. This also seems like a strategy to compete against the Surface lineup by Microsoft. As Surface tablets diversified into convertibles and laptops, so seems the case for iPads. As of now, no renders of the over-mentioned keyboards have not been leaked yet but as the launch of the device is getting closer, more news and information regarding the keyboard is also expected to follow. However, as per sources, the next iPad 2020 might debut on Apple Event (March 31, 2020) alongside the ‘iPhone 9’.

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