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Watch MKBHD unbox the $100K iPhone 11 Pro, the most expensive iPhone in the world


If you were thinking the $54,000 Mac Pro 2019 was outrageous, there’s something (featuring Apple) to top that;  a $100,000 iPhone 11 Pro Solarius Zenith by Caviar.

As recently featured on renowned YouTuber MKBHD’s 10-minute unboxing video, he introduces the Caviar’s Solarius Zenith Full Gold iPhone 11 Pro saying, “Have you ever wanted to flex so hard it doesn’t even make financial sense anymore?” Because literally, it really doesn’t.

This bling-thing — the most expensive iPhone in the world — by a Russian company, Caviar starts with a base price of $100,000 and runs up to $120,000, depending upon the storage variant and whether you go for iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max. Interesting fact, the phone is indeed so valuable that Caviar’s company representative flew from Russia to hand-deliver the phone box to the YouTuber.

Unboxing the most expensive iPhone ever: What’s inside the box?

Unboxing this lush piece of tech and craftmanship is unworldly. Inside the box, you’ll find microfiber gloves, cloth sleeves, and a custom black-and-gold phone box. The phone box has the iPhone itself, an official certification from Caviar and three more mini boxes for the accessories. The first of three boxes has an 18W USB-C fast-charging brick. Yep, and as MKBHD said, you have to spend 100,000 bucks on an iPhone to finally get a fast charger in a box. The second box house a lighting cable, a custom gold-plated shark-shaped SIM ejector, and a gold-plated tourbillon to wind the mechanical clock. And last, of all, the third box has a custom-made matte black Apple Airpods Pro.

world's most expensive iphone

Speaking of the iPhone, Caviar has replaced the glass back of iPhone 11 Pro with a massive mechanical clock, plated and covered in 24-carat gold. If the 24-carat gold plating was not enough for you, you will be shocked to know that there are a total of 137 yellow diamonds placed on the 12’o clock position in the watch and around the back body. You can hear the ticking of the mechanical clock. You even get gold plated tourbillon with which you can wind up the clock.

With the introduction of all these gold and diamonds, you can’t expect this posh iPhone to weigh anything near to the regular iPhone 11 Pro. In fact, this iPhone is bulky and weighs 434gm, more than twice what the regular iPhone 11 Pro weighs (188gm). Also, that’s more than two Galaxy Note 10 Plus weighed together. That’s just insane!

And like MKBHD ended the unboxing video stating this is something extremely expensive that you should probably never buy. However, it’s still fun to play with the world’s most expensive iPhone, check out the full video of MKBHD unboxing it:

Solarius Zenith Full Gold iPhone 11 Pro Price

  • iPhone 11 Pro: $101,080 (64GB), $101,400 (256GB), $101,800 (512GB)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: $119,940 (64GB), $120,260 (256GB), $120,660 (512GB)


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