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Nepali Team ELEMENTRIX is on the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) World Cup 2019

pmsc worldcup 2019 elementrixnepali pubg team

PUBG Mobile, a mobile game that has completely changed the perspective of mobile gaming. No denying that most of us are in love with this Battle Royale game. Although this game may receive some of the criticism but nevertheless this game is still upholding its hype. We are not even done with the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall 2019, PUBG Mobile eSports is here is with PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC).

Before we dive into the PMSC, here’s a quick recap of PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall 2019. Four of our Nepali teams were in the South Asian Semi-Final- SOLTISQUAD, ELEMENTRIX, NEPALI HONI, and TRUSTDPROCESS. Out of these four teams, only three teams were able to make it to the South Asia Finals. ELEMENTRIX was able to secure 10th position, NEPALI HO NI 15th position and TRUSTDPROCESS secured 16th position in the South Asia Regional Finals. For more details please read:

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC)

pmsc worldcup 2019 teams

The PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall 2019 (PMCO) just got over a couple of days ago and PUBG Mobile eSports is here is with PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC). This is the championship where the world’s best teams fight until we have the last man standing. A total of 32 teams will be competing from all over the world. The total of 32 teams consists of 16 teams from Middle-East and North America (MENA) combined and the other 16 teams are international teams. The prize pool for the winner is whooping $300,000. The final rounds are set to take place at Riyadh Front in Saudi Arabia from December 12 to December 14.

pmsc worldcup 2019 elementrix nepali team

32 teams are divided into two groups, Group A and Group B. All the MENA teams are on group A and Group B has all the international teams. Nepali PUBG team ELEMENTRIX is on PMSC. They fall under international teams.


vote for elementrix nepali pubg team pmsc world cup 2019

You can vote for ELEMENTRIX in the PMSC World Cup. In order to vote, enter the game between December 5th to December 11th to complete daily missions and earn tickets to vote. By voting, you can win PMSC World Cup Agent T-shirt and PMSC World Cup Agent Parachute. They will be a permanent item in your inventory.

We wish all the best for team ELEMENTRIX. During the PMCO Fall 2019, they showed an amazing set of skills during the intense battles. Now they are competing with the best teams from all around the world. Let’s hope for them to grab the prize pool this time.

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