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Powerful screen sharing tool, Screen, is available for free during this lockdown

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The COVID-19 lockdown has affected the world economy. It has changed the face of things. The normal lifestyle has taken totally a new shift. The lockdown seems to have more effect rather than the Coronavirus itself. The school and colleges are closed indefinitely. For the study to continue, officials are working on online classes and related stuff. Most of the office personnel are working remotely. There are numerous tools that access remote working. Today we will be talking about a screen sharing tool, Screen.


screen free windows desktop version

Screen is an easy to use screen sharing app that’s make the remote working comfortable, more pleasant and more productive. This tool has fast screen sharing capability and supports multiplayer.  It works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS as well. Two way messaging is also supported.

Features of Screen

features of scree download

  • Universal Access
    This tool is accessible on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android iOS plus web portal. Let’s say your friend is using a desktop version and you want to connect to him. You can simply connect to him using a web browser form Android (Chrome) and iOS (Safari). You can also share links to meetings with anyone, so they can join even if they’re not on the same team (no download/login required).
  • Fast Screen Sharing
    This tool is 2.5 faster than other screen sharing tools available. It has 30ms-50ms end-to-end latency.
  • Multiplayer
    This tool supports both multiplayer drawing and control, where anyone in the meeting can draw on the shared screen and also control it with their own mouse and keyboard.
  • Ephemeral messaging
    When working from home, you’re often not able to talk because it’s quiet (someone’s sleeping nearby) or loud (someone’s watching TV). It lets you send ephemeral messages, which show up on the shared screen and disappear after a few seconds. This lets you communicate while working together, without having to leave the action.

There are more features that will be added integrated very soon.

Screen For Free

During this time of lockdown, you can use this tool for free on the desktop version during the lockdown. All you have to do is log in/ Sign In. Then you are all ready to work and share screen. Screen is available to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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