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This wireless stamp-like sensor gently sits on throat and monitors Coronavirus symptoms

Stamp-like COVID-19 check patch

Coronavirus has taken the world under its grip. The control of the spread of this virus is still a great challenge for everyone across the world. The government and the health officials are unable to fully monitor and keep track of this virus. To help the officials a different platform is putting their effort together. Google and Apple have team-up to develop COVID-19 contact tracing technology, a research team at EPFL have developed an AI-based app, Coughvid, which monitors your coughing sounds and automatically screens COVID-19 result on your device. Following this, researchers at Northwestern University and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab have developed a novel wearable device that monitors COVID-19 symptoms.

Wireless Novel Wearable Band-Aid Sensor

Coronavirus is a very complicated virus. Its symptoms may appear 2-14 days after the exposure. The tracking of this virus is quite sophisticated. To diagnose the symptoms of COVID-19 in real-time, researchers at Northwestern University and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab has developed a set of data algorithms. These algorithms are solely designed to catch early signs and symptoms related to COVID-19.

Northwestern University and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab novel band aid coronavirus

John A. Rogers, who led technology development said,

“We developed customized devices, data algorithms, user interfaces, and cloud-based data systems in direct response to specific needs brought to us by frontline healthcare workers. We’re fully engaged in contributing our expertise in bioelectronic engineering to help address the pandemic, using technologies that we are able to deploy now, for immediate use on actual patients and other affected individuals. ”

How does this band-aid work?

The wearable is about the size of a postage stamp. It is soft, flexible, and wireless. When you put on this wearable on the suprasternal notch, it produces continuous streams of data and uses AI to uncover the life-saving insights and for possible red flags in connection to it. The continuous stream of data actively measures and interprets coughing and respiratory activity. This monitoring by a wearable is impossible with the traditional monitoring system. The device works by tracking chest wall movements, respiratory sounds, heart rate, and the body temperature of the patient.

covid-19 band air sterile lockdown
Source: Northwestern University and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

You can also say all in one sensor. The data collected is transferred to the HIPAA-protected cloud. Here, automated algorithms produce graphical summaries tailored to facilitate rapid, remote monitoring. You can view the data by connecting with your iPad in real-time. This is indeed a great tech piece that will save our lives.

novel band wear kit for hospital coronavirus
Novel Band Wear Hospital Kit

Anyone can take advantage of this sensor. According to the researcher, healthy individuals, including frontline health-care workers, existing COVID-19 patients can put on this band-aid sensor. You can wear it 24/7. You can use it while doing exercise, and even in the shower. After proper sanitization, it is reusable. All you have to do it immerse in alcohol and desterilized. As of now the teams are scaling up the production of these devices gradually. They are delivering to the health-care institutions instantaneously in the US.

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