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Circular Smart Ring, the only wearable you will ever need

Circular Smart Ring

Being health-conscious at the present time is a very good thing. With things like junk food in our diet, 10 hours of sitting on a chair in front of a computer and very minimal workout, we humans have become very susceptible to many diseases, bad posture, and fatigue to name a few. But being only health-conscious is not enough, either you are all in or not at all.

Getting all in has its own problems. First people don’t know where to start and if they do, they don’t know where they are lacking. We are in no means an expert on improving health as well and this article won’t cover how to be healthy well, not all aspects of it but one. You might be wondering what is the writer of this article talking about. Well, meet Circular.

Circular is a smart ring that integrates all the cutting edge technology of tracking your health and daily activities within a ring which is also stylish to wear. This Smart Ring on the outside is sleek, seamless, and discreet like your normal ring but on the inside packs advanced mechanical customization and intuitive AI. It keeps track of your daily activities at all times except when the ring is charging to ensure that the user is performing at their best. It connects to your phone via the Circular app and gives personalized insights to optimize your daily habits.

Circular Specs

Not only that, Circular being a smart ring will have features like smart control to do things like silence the phone discretely while you are at the meeting, skip tracks without touching the phone, or alert you about your important notification. Circular will also be capable of intelligent alarm to wake you up during your light sleep stage using silent vibrations. To do so it has features like sleep monitoring to know your sleeping behavior and a heart rate monitor.

Circular Design

Circular has the two-piece design: the outer shell and the inner shell. The Inner shell does all the things we talked about in the previous section and the outer shell being there for the aesthetics.

Many will agree, knowingly or unknowingly aesthetics has become a major part of our life. People who are conscious of their health don’t wear their health band 24/7 because it may not be eye-pleasing. People would not want to wear a cheap-looking health band to a fancy party but the ring, on the other hand, has, is and will continue to be a classic accessory.

The outer shell of the Circular comes in three colors: Silver, Black and Gold Rose, all of which are made from polished Titanium. You can change the way your ring looks instantly according to the event you are attending and as you fancy.

How does it work?

Circular connects to your Android/iOS phone via Bluetooth and the Circular app does the magic of transferring all the software updates wirelessly. But no software can do their work when there is no hardware to assist. Circular has two sensors onboard namely: Heart-rate sensor and Accelerometer to collect all the data it requires. Heartrate sensor has two LEDs; a red one and an infrared one.


Ring knows when you are asleep which turns its Bluetooth of but still remaining active to continue doing its work. It also switches to the infrared LED of the heart rate sensor to not disturb you while you are asleep. It then transmits all the data to the Circular app in the morning.

Pricing and Availability

Circular Smart Ring comes in multiple package choices and the prices are set accordingly. Early Bird for the pledge of $219 gets 1 Circular Ring with 1 Outer Shell.  With the pledge of $438 will get you 2 Circular Rings and 2 Outer Shells and will start to ship on August 2020.

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