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Facebook is working on Smartwatch having health monitoring and messaging feature

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Smart wearables are the trend of the current generation. Majority of the smartphone companies are manufacturing smartwatches. There are different styles of categories including sports, cartoons, heart sensors, etc. One of the most notable features of a smartwatch is health monitoring. With health monitoring, there are heart sensors, calorie calculators, steps monitors, fitness trackers, and many more. In the midst of COVID-19, health is the number one priority for everyone. Facebook is currently working on a smartphone with a focus on messaging and health tracking and fitness features.

 Facebook into Smartwatch

According to the report, Facebook is currently in the development of the watch. The primary concern of the smartwatch will be messaging and health tracking and fitness features. The standard OS for the wearables is ‘an open-source version of Android’ based on Wear OS.

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But the information reports that Facebook officials are working on their version of OS for hardware devices. So there are high chances that we might get a new OS. The existing Facebook messenger platform will be directly integrated into the wearable. To compete with other brands in the market, Facebook Watch will allow the users to focus on fitness.

Talking about the fitness users will be able to track workouts, back and forth communication with respective trainers, inbuilt amazing fitness programs. One may also be able to connect to other existing services as well.

The Facebook watch will feature cellular connectivity. This means it can function without a nearby smartphone. Nothing much regarding the internals has been confirmed yet. But there’s a question in everyone’s mind, will it be able to compete with other wearables from Samsung, Apple, Huawei, or Xiaomi? Only the future will tell regarding this subject matter. The unnamed Facebook watch will hit the market in 2022.

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