dasharath rangashala free wifi

WorldLink currently stands at the top in the list of highest taxpayers as reported by The Department of Internal Revenue and also is the leading internet service provider of Nepal. WorldLink and Facebook have teamed up and are providing “Express Wi-Fi by Facebook” inside Dasarath Rangashala for no cost at all which means it is totally free. Facebook owns the whole platform whereas WorldLink is the medium for Wi-Fi connection only. WorldLink has already set up all the equipment inside Dasharat Rangashala and the Public Wi-Fi is already at work.

Facebook is teaming up with local telecom service providers or internet service providers who are looking forward to solving the internet issues globally through express Wi-Fi. Express Wi-Fi is now available in 8 countries among which 2 are Asian countries; India and Nepal. Kathmandu, Bharatpur, and Madhawaliya are the areas where express Wi-Fi is at work.

13th SAG is being held at Dasharath Rangashala, Pokhara Stadium, and Janakpur where a large number of Nepalese audiences have reached to support our national team. Also, audiences are visiting Dasharath Rangashala because no games have been hosted in Stadium after the Great earthquake in 2015 which left the Stadium devasted and damaged. So, to improve the experience of audiences when they come to cheer up the team, Facebook has provided express Wi-Fi. People also nowadays share photos, videos or share stories instantly and considering 13th SAG which is a really huge event, there was no chance Facebook would have missed it. This internet service has proved helpful to most of the people.

dasharath rangashala free wifi

WorldLink has installed around 80 Wi-Fi Hotspots and is providing 3Mbps each to the hotspot which connects up to 300 people at a time and plus there is no limit on time and per audience can use up to 1GB of data for a day.

WorldLink has become the largest IPS of Nepal and is also working on providing people with free Wi-Fi access from rural areas to urban areas. They first installed and provided their free Wi-Fi access in world heritage sites than at hotels, cafes, restaurants. They got really nice reviews and feedback which is why they have planned to install more than 10,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots within a year. This must be the reason why Facebook choose to team up with WorldLink to extend their express Wi-Fi by facebook at Dasarath Rangashala reach instead of choosing other IPS like Subisu, Classic-tech or Vianet.

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