Xiaomi to be the first to use NavlC technology by ISRO in their upcoming phone

India has always been pushing the “Make in India” to promote products made locally. Now, Xiaomi, the largest mobile brand in India has agreed to use technology made by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) making, it first to use the technology. In an attempt to use navigation technology developed by India in an alternative to US-made GPS navigation, Xiaomi announced that it will be the first to use Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavlC) in an affordable smartphone with Qualcomm processor.

Xiaomi NavlC

Navigation with Indian Constellation or NavlC for short is a navigation technology developed by ISRO and is the Indian version of GPS. The Smartphone in question will be using Snapdragon 750G, 662 or the 460 chipsets. These three chipsets were recently launched by Qualcomm and support NavlC. Xiaomi is expected to launch the phone with NavlC soon.

GPS made by the US is very popular among smartphones but it is not the only option available for navigation. There are many other satellite navigation systems in operation right now like GLONASS made by Russia, Galilio by Europe or BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) made by China. With NavlC there will be an addition of one more alternative.

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