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Apple is here with ’30 Creative Activities for Kids’ to support at-home learning

apple 30 creative task for kids coronavirus covid-19 lockdown

Following the pandemic lockdown, every platform is stepping up to help the people. To aid the self-isolation process, premium services are offered for free. The adults can understand the situation and stay at their home. But it’s the children that we have to worry about. The lockdown has affected the studies of the children. Regarding this, to support parent at-home learning, Apple has designed ‘30 Creative Activities for Kids‘. This worksheet will keep both parents and the children engaged throughout the day.

Apple’s 30 Creative Activities for Kids

Apple’s 30 Creative Activities for Kids consists of 30 worksheets of tasks ranging from photo walks to create a comic strip and much more. The activities are mainly created focusing foster, children ages 4 through 8 years old. Or pre-Kindergarten to second grade. These activities are available on Apple devices like iPad and iPhone so that the users can create a fun time-lapse video, comic strip, card and so on. You can download the pdf file.

apple 30 creative task for kids tim cook

The creative activities include Personify Something, Capture a time-lapse video, Make Coloring Sheet, Picture your name, Go on a photo walk, See color in slo-mo, Emojify your mood, Storyboard your daily routine, Calendar together, Find shapes in nature, Make a simple book, Tell a story with shapes, Record news interviews, Create a comic strip, Get your questions answered, Go back in time, Write a love letter to the planet, Make skip counting fun, Make patterns, Go on a scavenger hunt, Concentration, Leaning tower of pillows, Strike a pose twice, Send flowers, Have a laugh, Reach for the stars, Become an artist, Use your voice, Put things in order and Personalize a portrait.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, tweeted about this. He states, “We know parents out there are juggling a lot in this challenging time. Apple’s education team has some fun ways to keep kids everywhere creating.” Not only for the kids but Apple has a guide for parents and teachers as well- ‘Everyone can Create Teacher Guide’. This is available on Apple Books.

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