Essential reveals their Project GEM devices built completely different with TV remote alike design, elongated display

Essential company struck the market with its Essential Phone 1 in 2017. Now they are here with the new innovative device that has a completely new take on the smartphone design. As the CEO of Essential Andy Rubin tweeted some of the pictures of the new device that is speculated to be the next Essential project. They call it Essential Project GEM.

What’s new on the Essential Project GEM smartphone?

The images from Andy Rubin has been circulating on the internet with both positive and negative feedback. From the tweeted pictures, the Essential GEM Project will have an elongated rectangular display. The device looks alike a TV remote. This is completely different take on the atheistic of the smartphone. We can see an in-display selfie camera on the top-left corner of the device. A single rear camera with a bump can be found on the back of the device followed by a fingerprint sensor. Both volume keys and power buttons seem to be located on the right edge of the device. no other smartphone company has taken such risk on their product.


Some have to say that this is the new take on smartphones, while others are criticizing the Essential GEM Project saying that iPhone meme came true. So far, we have no information regarding the specifications of the device. What’s your take on this device? Do you like it? Stick with us for more updates on this device.

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