Google planning to rebrand Android TV to Google TV

Google Android TV

Rumors have been surfacing lately that Google is planning to rename Android TV to Google TV. It’s no surprise as Google slowly removing the name Android from most of its products year by year. It is speculated that Google will be launching a standalone branded Google TV device. But we are not sure about this. Only time will tell. The change in the brand name can be considered as a marketing strategy. Google as one of the largest companies in the world holds more weight on its shoulders.

Google to Rebrand Android TV to Google TV

There’s no confirmation that whether Google will launch a standalone branded Google TV device or not. As of now, Google does not sell any gadgets of its rocking Android TV. For manufacturing, it relies on other companies like Sony and Nvidia to proliferate the OS. But if they do so, it will bring opportunities to a wider ecosystem for Google Assistant.

google to rebrand android tv

Talking about Android TV it has a good number of the user base. With the services it provides, users have been giving positive feedback so far. It has numerous apps lined up with full power of Google Play Store’s gaming content, built-in Chrome cast that allows sharing of videos & music, and many more.

Looking at the past, Google has renamed the following,

  • Android Market rebranded to Google Play Store
  • Google’s wearable OS Android Wear rebranded to Wear OS
  • Android Pay rebranded to Google Pay
  • Android Messages renamed to just Messages

Time will only tell what Google will do actually with Android TV. Whether it will just rebrand and leave or start manufacture on its own. We will update you as soon we get the details.

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