Almost the whole world is in lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic and as most of the people are stuck in their house, there are only limited things one can do to kill the boredom. Some who are able to work remotely get busy in their works but who don’t either are in front of a TV or their smartphones. But viewing the same screen and using the same UI can get boring as well. So here is the list of best and free Android apps that will change the way your phone looks and gives features that it lacks.

1Charging Siren

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. All our photos, emails, messages, contact information, etc. are now stored in our smartphones. So keeping the phone charged has become a duty. But keeping the phone connected to a charger is not a good option. It degrades the battery of the phone quickly, reducing the lifespan of the cell. But checking the phone constantly is a hassle in itself. Enter, Charging Siren.

Charging Siren is an app that notifies the user when the phone is charged. The user can activate the alarm and change the percent of charge to set the alarm off according to the user preference. This will help the user to take care of the battery health of their phone and not worry about overcharging.

Download: Charging Siren

2Dolby On

Many of us are stuck in-home and probably are thinking of taking out that old dusty guitar and record something. But not everyone has a recording studio for that noise-free audio recording. Dolby On to your rescue. It is a very powerful recording app capable of recording audio as well as video with no background noises.

When you start to record audio using the app, it asks you to stay silent for a while so that it can hear background noises. After the app hears the noise, it starts recording like any other normal audio recorder minus background noises. Not only that, it can record video with the same feature and comes with noise reduction, limiting, spatial audio, EQ, and many other features.

Download: Dolby On

3Volume Styles

Modifying the looks of the phone and how its UI behaves is fun. It lets you experience a totally different phone without the need of buying another one. But modifying the look of the phone can be very taxing to its hardware. Themes and modifying software may utilize a good chunk of processing power and RAM, making the phone very slow.

Volume Styles is a lightweight app that lets you modify, style of your volume sliders without making your phone slow. The app has many themes like iOS, MIUI, Windows, OneUI from Samsung and many more to choose from. Users can choose the style as per their preference and change colors of sliders they like. A simple way to modify the look of your phone.

Download: Volume Styles


Some features of the smartphone play a very important role in selecting your next phone. Your older phone may have a feature that you liked and use that the new phone you want to buy lacks. Those features may be, shake to toggle something, ambient screen or others. Features of the phone depend on the manufacturer, and other brands may not include the feature you liked.

Cometin may solve this problem. It is an app that has a number of modules users can install, giving features to the phone it lacks. Your friend with Motorola phone is flexing by shaking their phones to toggle flashlight? No, worries now your phone can also get the feature through Cometin. Not only that, Cometin has many other modules that give many different features to the phone. We highly recommend you to check this app out.

Download: Cometin 

5Super Status Bar

Super Status Bar is another app that lets you modify the looks of your smartphone as well as give some additional features to your phone. As the name suggests, this app modifies the status bar of your phone and adds some useful tweaks to it. Gestures, notification previews, and quick brightness & volume control are some of the features the app comes with.
Not only that, but this app also lets you change the style of your status bar to your preference and has many additional features like quick swipe in the status bar to change brightness or volume, a quick look to the notification, battery bar, and many other features.

Download: Super Status Bar


This is a fairly new app and it is simply awesome. Sharing tweets in Instagram stories is really not possible. Twitter allows you to share the tweet indirect message but not in the stories. Users could either screenshot the tweet and share it or an easier way to use the Twiger app. Using this app one can share tweets directly to the Instagram story. The user just has to copy the tweet URL, paste it in the app, and press share. The Instagram app opens with the tweet and the user only has to do is confirm. Sharing tweets on Instagram is now hassle-free, no screenshot needed.

Download: Twiger

7Snap Search

The arrival of incognito mode in the browser saved many of us from embarrassment. People don’t want to reveal their browser history, and no one wants to see history full of cat videos either. So what happens in incognito mode stays incognito. But, opening incognito mode, every time you want to watch a cat video can be cumbersome. 

Snap Search takes care of that problem. It would be very easy if the browser always is in incognito mode and this app does just that. Snap Search always stays in incognito mode and comes with many features. It comes with various search engines to choose from as well as AdBlocker, Tracker Blocker features. The Snap Search browser also has a built-in VPN with quite a few locations to choose from. Users can even search youtube and IMDb in incognito mode. 

Download: Snap Search

8Calculator Lock

There are always some files that are personal to us, so personal that you don’t want to share it with anyone. You and only you can have it. But keeping it safe and private is a difficult task. You can keep it in a conventional locking app but one day or another, someone will ask you, wants in it, or demand to have a peak. You may deny them the access but what if the one who is asking is your girlfriend. You can’t deny her access or World War III starts. By the way, the same thing can happen to female users as well. What if the boyfriend asks what’s in the locker? Before this situation arise, here is the solution – Calculator Lock

Hide your file where no one can expect it to be there. Calculator Lock is an app that looks like a calculator. But behind the calculator app, there is a file locker where user can hide their beloved files and keep it private to themselves. But one might ask, Calculator Lock is nothing new! and it’s true. But this app is unique in a sense that its Plain simple. Users don’t have to login or signup with accounts and no unnecessary permissions. The user just has to change the password after installing and that’s it. 

Download: Calculator Lock

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