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10 New and Fresh Free Android Apps – March 2020

Best Android Apps March

Its been two months since the year 2020 and a new decade started. At the start of the year, we made a list of 8 New and Fresh Free Android Apps. Those are still fresh but the tech industry never slows down. Since then many new apps have come and we have curated a list once again, picking some good once among thousands for March 2020.

10 New and Fresh Free Android Apps – March 2020


Audius Music

Another app that has made its name in the market is the SoundCloud. SoundCloud has been the haven to many creators and listeners alike. Audius is here, to giving competition to the SoundCloud. Similar to SoundCloud, Audius is the audio streaming platform but decentralized and censorship-resistant. Creators can monetize their music from the app and don’t have to sign with any record labels. And for the listeners, they can simply sign in and start lightening to the upcoming creators and creators like deadmau5, Zeds Dead, Graves, 3LAU, Rezz & many others.

Download: Audius

Learn Python: Programiz 2.0

Learn Python_ Programiz

Are you in thoughts of learning a programming language and Python in that? Then, we have a solution for you. Learn Python: Programiz is a learning app that will guide you to overcome the language. The app is free to download and allows the user to gain access to all Python lessons and examples for free. All you need to do is sign in with your Google account. App also has many features like in-app code editor to practice and learn Python lessons and examples, bookmarking topics and many more.

Download: Learn Python – Programiz



All the phones we know of comes with some wallpapers. Some manufacturers give thoughts to the wallpapers and some don’t. Some phones come with good wallpapers and some don’t. But a problem with in-built wallpaper is that they are generic. Yes, some high-end phones give more thought in making wallpapers but those may or may not tickle your fancy. Enter, Wallbay.

Wallbay is an app that will take care of all your wallpaper needs. The app contains many 4K and ultra HD backgrounds to choose from and all the wallpapers are free to download. The app has features like wallpapers are arranged by tags and powerful search system. Users can search their desired wallpapers by tags or simply by searching the keyword.

Download: Wallbay

Wanna Kicks

Wanna Kicks

I love the sneakers. They are comfortable and stylish but more importantly comfortable. But selecting one that suits your style can be a hassle and time-consuming. AI to your rescue, Wanna Kicks is an AI-based app that will help you select the perfect Kicks.

Wanna Kicks will help you discover sneakers, instantly, try it on your feet with 3D augmented reality, and purchase afterward. Now checking sneakers at your fingertips in the convenience of your home.

Download: Wanna Kicks



As we speak, AI is getting better and better. AI and Machine Learning are bigger than ever. Almost every tech is somehow trying to integrate machine learning. Thanks to development in AI, there are more realistic deep fakes than ever. However, there are both downsides and advantages to this.

Familiar is a fun app with DeepFake technology inside. Familiar allows you to create funny videos by replacing the main character in the video with the users’ face. The app allows you to make GIFs with your face on it, with just a single photo. Now, you can be the ‘MemeKing’, you have always dreamed to be.

Funny Eyes Censor Maker

Funny Eyes Censor Maker

You might have heard about the movie Parasite. If not, we recommend to check it out. We are not here to promote the movie or anything, just giving background for the app. Those who have seen the movie might be familiar with the poster of the movie. The poster where the eyes of the characters are covered with a black bar. Even though the movie has a tense and serious environment, the Funny Eyes Sensor Maker is opposite to that.

The app as the name suggests censors the eyes of the photo selected. And if wished, a statement can be added or removed completely. As simple as that, no caveats.

Download: Funny Eyes Sensor Maker



Gone are the days when we had to wait, for hours or even days, to see how the snaps came out. But however it came out, you had to live with it. Your flaws seen in the photos were for eternity or until whenever the photo lasted. Now, the photos are instant and your flaws can still be seen in it. But thanks to AirBrush, those flaws like blemishes or pimples can be removed in just a couple of seconds.

AirBrush is the app that will help you remove the blemishes and pimples from your photo and it is free to download. Not all the features are free though. As the app falls under the freemium category, most of the features of the apps are locked but whats not locked, does the job pretty well. Besides blemishes and pimple removing, there are also many other features like eyes enlarging, chin reducing and many more.

Download: AirBrush

Bluer for Facebook


Facebook is and has been a very famous social media platform. The app and features of the platform are constantly updated due to which we never get bored with the platform. The constant update has kept the platform being the number one social media app in the whole world. But due to constant updates and the addition of new features, it also has made the platform bloated. Welcome, Bluer for Facebook, the first-ever 3rd party native client app for Facebook.

Bluer for Facebook is a privacy-focused, lightweight and super-fast native client app for Facebook. The app has no tracking policy and is free of Facebook ads as well. Now you don’t have to worry about those irritating ads that get in your nerves every time you log in to your Facebook. Oh! Bluer also has a dark mode built-in.

Download: Bluer for Facebook

Drive Password Manager

Drive Password Manage

Social media and many other platforms have become an integral part of our lives. One thing that every social media and platform has in common is that a password is required to access. Remembering passwords for every platform is impossible and keeping one password for all platforms is not reliable and to be truthful, secure. If one of any platforms gets hacked and all platforms with the same passwords also have a high chance of getting hacked.

To make the task simple, there are many password managers and vault apps available in the Play Store right now. But the problem with those apps is that we also have no idea where our passwords are being kept. To solve this problem, Drive Password Manager has a solution.

The app is a password manager which keeps your passwords in your Google Drive. To secure your password, Drive Password Manager uses AES-256 to encrypt your passwords before keeping it in your Google Drive. To get started with the app, all you need is the user’s private account. The app is available on any platform and is free to download.

Download: Drive Password Manager

Valyrian Dictionary

Valyrian Dictionary

Are you a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan? When the word Valyrian comes, who comes to your mind? Probably Daenerys. I won’t spoil anything about her or plot of the series here, even though I desperately want to rant about it. The app at the end of this list is the Valyrian Dictionary. As the name suggests, this app includes more than 1500 words in the Valyrian dialect. This app will help you understand and possibly help you learn the language so that you don’t have to rely on the sub when ‘The Mother of Dragons’ is speaking in her mother tongue.

Download: Valyrian Dictionary

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