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Huawei is working on triple rotating camera smartphone

huawei-pop-upselfie-camera-triple rotating camera setup

Smartphones are getting better day by day. New innovations are made by different smartphone company. The release of devices like Galaxy Fold, Motorola Razr and Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha totally blew us away. Recently Xiaomi announced that it is building a huge 5G Factory that will be able to produce 60 smartphones in 60 seconds. That’s just ridiculous.

Triple Rotating Camera Setup

huawei triple rotating camera smartphone

Within a smartphone, there are numerous components. One of the most highlighted part can be considered the camera setup. We have a variety of camera setups like motorized selfie camera, triple/ quad-camera setup. Samsung Galaxy A80 used flipping camera as both rear and selfie for the best quality of image. It was quite stunning to see that camera flip. As per the recent news, Huawei is working on a triple rotating camera smartphone. Yep, you read that right, triple rotating camera smartphone. The patent design unveiled triple camera smartphone that works as both selfie camera and rear camera. The camera setup opens from the backside and flips on its axis for 180-degree right above the display. The three-camera setup consists of an LED flash as well.

So far there’s only design patent available. Stick with us more updates. It would be interesting to see how this device would. So stay tuned.

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