ict meetup v6.0


ICT Meetup is annually organized by Prime IT Club and is supported by prime College also. ICT Meetup is always held with the theme, “ICT Academia-Industry Collaboration: Understanding the difference”. For ICT Meetup v6.0, Prime IT Club has also included a sub-theme “Advancing towards Smart City for Sustainable development” with the vision to improve the quality of life, strengthening the economy while also giving priority to environmental sustainability through the adoption of smart solutions.

ICT Meetup V6.0 will be taking place from December 12 to December 14 at Prime College. This event will provide positive aspects of Information, Communication, and technology to youths and students which will inspire them to bring the necessary changes that are needed in today’s society.

Objectives of ICT Meetup V6.0

ict meetup V6.0

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  • Awareness
  • Human Resource
  • Collaboration
  • Policy discussion
  • Ideas and Innovation
  • Networking

Highlights of the event 

Project Demonstration Competition

In this Project demonstration competition, participants from different colleges and those who are starting their professional careers will be demonstrating their project and plan in front of judges. But the rule is that the participants will be able to demonstrate the project or plan in front of judges only if they are based on the theme of ICT Meetup V6.0. In order to be a participant in the Project Demonstration Competition, please sign up here.

Panel Discussion

All the invited panelists by the organizer will be discussing a specified topic and on the theme of ICT Meetup V6.0. All the involved participants would get knowledge and views from the experts on related topics by observing the panelists on practice.

Parallel Workshops

 All the participants included in Parallel workshops will be provided with theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge, and hands-on practices. These Parallel Workshops will prove fruitful to all the participants and all the involved participants would get knowledge through it.


The speakers will be conducting meetings that will be based on the main theme and the sub-theme of ICT Meetup V6.0. The speakers will also provide insights into their topics which will be beneficial to all the participants. Plus all the participants will be able to raise their questions freely and clear their doubts or enquires.

Photography Competition

There will also be a photography competition in ITC Meetup V6.0, just to make the Meetup event more interesting and exciting to youths who are interested in Photography. But the contestants will only be able to submit photos on theme-based topics. The theme is “Significance of technology used in daily life”. In order to participate in Photo Competition, just sign up here.

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