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Instagram to introduce “Reel Mode” feature to rival TikTok

Instagram reel mode

Instagram is currently one of the most used social media applications in the world currently and isn’t going to fall down for several years to come. Instagram has been adding and updating features one after another. Instagram has recently added more effects on hands-free mode and options to save the effect, create the effect and browse more effects and then add it to hands-on mode made by various developers, celebrities or normal people. Hiding Like counts feature and a new Reel mode on Instagram is about to get added. Instagram Reel Mode is being introduced basically to rival emerging TikTok app.

What is Reel mode?

Reel mode is a video-music remix feature in which users can lip-sync to the song/speech/dialogue or dance and do activities just like TikTok. Instagram is about to integrate this feature into its app to rival the emerging app TikTok. This Reel mode allows users to make 15-second video clips and share them with stories.

Instagram will also be featuring a Top Reel sub-section in Explore section where every reel of everyone can be found which makes one’s best Reel video clip to go viral. Instagram will offer a huge catalog of music so that users will be able to choose the music they like the most and users will also be able to borrow the audio from other’s videos to create their own remix videos, speech or comedy vines.

How to use Reel Mode?

The Reel Mode shutter button will be placed right at the side of Boomerang and Super-Zoom. All you will have to do is to go to the Reel section just like you would go to Boomerang or Super-Zoom. After going, all you have to do is to choose whether you want to record with silence, use music or speeches.

To search for music, you will have to search the music, find through hashtag search or Explore. After choosing music, you can record your 15 seconds video and share it with your friends, put it to the story, post on feed or even DM. Instagram will be adding editing tools for Reels like timed captions, ghost overlay, and transitions which would make Reels more interesting.

When will Reel Mode be available?

Reels are currently available in both iOS and Android but are only limited to Brazil for testing and to collect the response and feedback they get from their users. In Brazil, Reels Mode is named as Cenas Mode. There will be no problem for Instagram to gain users for Reel Mode because Instagram itself has about more than 1 billion users and the reports suggest that each year it increases by 200 million which is a crazy stats for any social media app. The date is unknown when the Reel Mode will be available worldwide and even if it gets available worldwide than at first it will only be available in Beta which means only Beta testers will be able to use it. Let’s hope this new cool Reel Mode rolls out very soon.

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