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Poco M2 Pro, another mid-range smartphone from Poco in works

Poco F1

When Xiaomi launched Poco F1 in 2018, it swiftly became popular and favorite among many. Xiaomi taking a similar approach to OnePlus, came out with a phone featuring flagship specs and budget prices. But since then, fans saw no new Poco phone, there were rumors and speculation, but still, no phones came out. Suddenly, Poco declared itself as an independent sub-brand of Xiaomi followed by leaks of a phone speculated to be Poco F2. We know that speculation was not true, instead of F2, Poco launched Poco X2 with F2 maybe still in the pipeline. As the fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of the Poco F2, the Poco F2 Pro has already launched and moreover, according to the new report another device is in works named Poco M2 Pro.

Poco M2 Pro

Recently a device named Poco M2 Pro briefly appeared on Xiaomi’s official Indian website showcasing its data of SAR testing. As of now, it has been removed from the website but what once gets noticed on the internet stays on the internet forever. The phone has a model no of M2003J6CI and is codenamed “gram”. Why gram, we have to wait and see. What’s more interesting is that proofs of Xiaomi working on this phone for a long time has been found. The code-name given to the phone has previously appeared in the kernel source code of Redmi Note 9 Pro as well as watermark in the firmware of the Note 9 Pro was also seen.

This means the Poco M2 Pro might share some hardware with the Note 9 Pro like the same processor onboard. As Snapdragon 720G powers Note 9 Pro, we speculate same SoC will power the M2. It is too early to say anything about the device, but we can safely assume, the Poco M2 Pro will be a mid-range smartphone. As the official website has already removed the listing, you can still find the archived version of the page.

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