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Despite the crazy year for TikTok, it managed to drive 850 million downloads in 2020, securing #1 spot as the most downloaded app.

As per Apptopia reports, in 2020 alone, TikTok racked 850 million downloads, securing the sweet #1 spot as the most downloaded app with over half a billion dollars in gross revenue worldwide.

The “10 Most Downloaded Apps in 2020” list includes WhatsApp (600M) in #2nd position followed by Facebook (540M) in #3rd, Instagram (503M) in #4th, and unsurprisingly, Zoom (477M) in 5th position.

Though the Facebook didn’t make as the top No. 1 app, Apptopia reports displays how Facebook has dominated mobile app industry with its four of the top ten most downloaded apps scoring over 2 billion downloads overall.

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