The COVID-19 quarantine has kept all of us inside our homes. The pandemic caused due to the novel coronavirus has affected everyone’s life. The only best possible way to be safe from this COVID-19 is social distancing, use of face mask, and sanitization, says World Health Organization (WHO). We all are following this from day one. Due to the social distancing people are connecting only with online portals. Talking about the online portals, Tinder one of the most popular dating applications is set to launch a one-on-one video dating feature.

Tinder New One-on-One Video Dating Feature

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps with approximately 30 billion matches to date. This app is the ultimate go-to wingmate for a majority of the people. There are more than 26 million matches per day. This application has been beneficial to most of the people as you can meet new people, expand your social network, and meet locals while traveling. Users often refer to Tinder as ‘the world’s hottest app’.

Tinder New One-on-One Video Dating Feature

The COVID-19 lockdown has turned the world upside down. We are unable to communicate with the people as we used to do. Following this, digital platforms are getting more user base. If you wish to date someone and meet in person is currently not so reliable. Taking this situation into consideration, Tinder is going to launch its own one-on-one video chat/ video dating feature as stated by its parent company Match Group. Tinder is available on both iOS and Google Play Store. If you like then you can use the web version as well.

Match explained the reason for such late video call feature integration on Tinder was due to the hesitance of its investors. But as now people are stuck on their home, this feature will get a huge boost as ‘users are being forced to use it’. The benefits of these features will shine in the future. The Match Group CEO, Shar Dubey stated,

“Tinder remains a go-to app for meeting new people, which has become an even more critical service with so many people stuck at home. As daters demonstrated a strong willingness to video-date, our product and engineering teams around the world mobilized quickly to deploy one-to-one video chat capabilities on many of our platforms.”

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